Zobo drink and fertility, Is it really effective?

zobo drink and fertility
zobo drink and fertility

Zobo drink and fertility

Centerjava.com – Zobo drink is one of the delicious drinks made from Rosella flowers. Besides that, it also has many health benefits, especially for natural treatments such as reducing hypertension and losing weight.

In addition, zobo drinks have benefits for fertility. However, Zobo drink and fertility has become a sort of therapy or traditional medicine that aims to get immediate descent.

Zobo drink and fertility

The condition of each person is different, there are those who want to immediately have children but are unable to get children or cannot get pregnant.

But there are also people who easily get offspring. For those of you who want to get offspring immediately, you can try zobo drinks which are believed to be able to increase fertility.

Even though zobo drinks and fertility have a relationship, you should not be wrong in using zobo drink therapy to increase fertility. Apparently, zobo drink and fertility do not apply to women.

And vice versa zobo drink and fertility only apply to men. How come? below is an explanation of why zobo drink and fertility only applies to men.

Zobo drink and female fertility

For women, zobo drinks have emmenagogue side effects. That is a substance that can trigger blood during menstruation. Therefore, it is dangerous for those of you who are pregnant.

If mothers who are pregnant consume zobo drinks can make a miscarriage, for those of you who want to get pregnant or are pregnant you should avoid zobo drinks because it is not good for consumption by women. But sometimes zobo drinks are misused for you to have an abortion. Therefore zobo drinks should not be taken if you want a child or are pregnant.

Zobo drink and male fertility

Unlike women who have a bad effect on fertility, zobo drinks are very good for men. Consuming regularly can improve your fertility performance. This is because zobo drink has the benefit of being able to improve sperm quality. With the increase in sperm quality, it will facilitate the fertilization process so that you can immediately get offspring.

Zobo drink and fertility real story about

My neighbor has been married for 12 years but does not have children. They both did a health check and the results were normal. Then they recognize zobo drink and fertility.

But with the wrong information, they began to consume zobo drinks to get fertility and soon have children. They did zobo drink and fertility therapy for almost a year and found that they were not pregnant either.

From that statement, I immediately guessed that they got the wrong information about zobo drink and fertility. After they finished telling them all about zobo drink and fertility, it turned out to be my guess that his wife also consumed excessive zobo drink.

And then I explained that basically the zobo drink and male fertility are the right ones, and the zobo drink for a female is actually causing infertility.

And after that, they began to change the way to use zobo drink and fertility therapy correctly. After 8 months they met me again and told me that his wife was 2 months pregnant.

Outline of Zobo drink and fertility

From the story above we can conclude that zobo drink and fertility is effective for you to get offspring immediately by using the right one.

How to make simple zobo drink for fertility

You will needs:

  • 2  hibiscus leaves
  • 1 ripe of a pineapple
  • sweetener like syrup
  • Water
  • Pot

How to make it:

  • Add 2 hibiscus leaves to the water and place them on the stove
  • Heat until boiling (let boil in 30 minutes with a rather small fire)
  • Mix a little syrup and stir well
  • Turn off the heat
  • Strain the boiled hibiscus leaves, then put the juice in the glass
  • Blender pineapple, and strain until soft
  • Put the pineapple in a glass filled with boiled hibiscus leaves
  • Put it in the refrigerator
  • Drink cold

You can also add ginger and the garlic to increase fertility. Thank you for reading zobo drink and fertility, hopefully, you can help.


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