Worst day of a common cold – What we have to do?

worst day of common cold
worst day of common cold

Centerjava.com – Worst day of a common cold – Colds can be experienced by anyone, whether it’s a small child, in infants or adults. Colds are usually accompanied by a runny nose, sneezing, coughing up breathing problems and hoarseness. But did you know that there is a Worst day of a common cold.

Worst day of a common cold is the day we suffer from the most severe cold. At this time we should rest at home. Take time off from work and do treatment so that your flu can recover soon.

Worst day of a common cold

Colds are minor infections of the nose, sinus tract, throat, and upper respiratory tract due to virus attacks. The common cold cycle is 3-7 days. At that time there was the worst day of a common cold, that is, after the incubation period.

After the incubation period is Worst day of common cold because at that time the symptoms of a cold strike the first time for our body. Most people with colds feel the Worst day of common cold after 2-3 days. At that time the cold sufferers feel very uncomfortable.

Worst day of a common cold at phase are:

Cold viruses enter our body → Incubation period (2-3 days) → Cold symptoms appear and the first attack (Peak symptom severity) → Colds begin to recover until complete recovery

Below is a description of the cold phase in your body:

Cold viruses enter the body

At this time is the beginning of the entry of cold viruses into our bodies. Cold viruses enter the body in various ways: inhaled when people who suffer from sneezing or coughing.

Because the cold virus spreads through droplets of saliva that spurt when you sneeze, cough, or just talk. The droplet of saliva can go up into the air for up to 30 centimeters, and finally inhaled by people around.

Viruses can also be transmitted through touch, such as a handshake. Infected people will continue to sneeze and clean the a runny nose or close their nose when sneezing with their hands. Of course the virus will stick to his hand and stick to the move on each object he touches.

On the day when the cold virus enters the body is not the worst day of a common cold because has not felt anything. We haven’t felt it at all and don’t realize that we will get a cold.

If our condition is weak, the body’s immune power is also weak, so that we can easily contract the cold virus.

So if you feel you are near someone who has a cold by sneezing, you should immediately strengthen your body’s immune system, by consuming vitamin C and drinking enough water, because people who are sneezing continuously are the worst day of common cold for those who are easily transmitted.

Incubation period

The incubation period is the time needed by the virus to cause symptoms after infecting the body. During this incubation period, the virus will enter healthy cells and interfere with the survival of healthy cells from the inside.

When the cell begins to become infected, it usually hasn’t shown any symptoms. This incubation period lasts for 24 hours. At this time the cold sufferers also did not realize and felt that they were sick with a cold.

After incubation period: Worst day of common cold

Worst day of a common cold is when a cold virus has entered healthy cells after the incubation period. Most people with colds will experience severe and very disturbing symptoms of colds at this time.

Worst day of common cold lasts 2-4 days, at that time you will experience a runny nose, continuous sneezing. In addition, you also experience respiratory problems, sometimes also accompanied by breathing sounds congested.

It is recommended that when you Worst day of common cold, you take a leave of absence if you are at work, and use this time to take a break and do treatment so that the cold is not prolonged.

In addition to the worst day of common cold, you feel sick and suffer, at this time you also easily transmit the cold virus to others. so you should not gather or be close to your friends, especially near someone you care about.

Warn them to consume vitamin C so that their immune system is strong and not easily infected by you. You should not cough or sneeze before them.

 Try to wear a mask when you leave the room. When the worst day of common cold often wash hands with soap until clean, or use a hand sanitizer. Maintaining personal hygiene is a good way to prevent transmission of disease.

How to overcome when Worst day of common cold

When the worst day of a common cold, your body does not feel good. Decreased appetite so that it can cause weight loss. This is when you also have to do treatment so that your cold doesn’t last long.

What you can do when worst day of a common cold:

We can reduce pain during the worst day of a common cold by strengthening the immune system and with external treatments. Among them are:

1. Drink more.

When you suffer from a cold you experience a runny nose and a fever that makes your body lose moisture. We recommend that you drink more water so that your body is sufficiently fluid.

Make sure you drink enough water so that your body is not forced to fight colds and physical stress due to dehydration.

2. Get enough rest

Get enough rest when you a runny nose. Avoid staying up late at night. Most adults need to sleep for 8 hours every night in healthy condition. If you want to fight a cold, you may need to sleep longer.

Resting helps the immune system and encourages the body to fight colds more effectively so that the worst day of a common cold is to pass quickly. Use a humidifier to make your sleep comfortable, because the humidifiers can help overcome the moisture on the nose so it doesn’t dry out.

3. Avoid foods and drinks that contain milk

Drinking milk when you have a sore throat is permissible, but you should avoid milk when you have a cold. Milk can increase the amount of nasal mucus produced by the body. We must also avoid products made from milk such as Yogurt, pudding, Butter cream and margarine.

Ice cream helps a sore throat, but it’s not good when you have a cold, because ice cream is also made from milk. Therefore you should avoid dairy products so that colds, especially runny noses do not get worse.

Worst day of common cold Treatment

worst day of common cold
worst day of common cold

4. Relieve nasal congestion with steam

When a cold is an annoying thing, it is a stuffy nose and runny nose. Try to
steam inhalation mixed with eucalyptus oil which can relieve the respiratory tract.

5. Apply balm to the chest before going to bed.

By applying balm to the chest can make the respiratory tract feel relieved. Inhalation of steam produced by balm can make the nasal congestion disappear; it will also relieve breathing, because when a cold for some people will experience shortness of breath or wheezing.

6. Avoid unnecessary medications

When the worst day of a common cold you will feel panic, and take drugs arbitrarily which actually makes your runny nose worse. You should be wise in using the medication as instructed by the doctor so that you don’t get bad side effects for your body.

Worst day of a common, When Meet a doctor?

Most symptoms of a cold can be healed within 1-2 weeks. However, you are encouraged to see a doctor if the cold symptoms still don’t heal for more than three weeks, have difficulty breathing, or suddenly the symptoms worsen.

Symptoms of a cold last more than three weeks

  • The severity of symptoms increases
  • Feel severe pain in the throat
  • Severe pain in the ear
  • Difficulty in breathing

The child feels pain in the chest or the presence of blood that accompanies the mucus they release when coughing (a symptom of bacterial infection) Other symptoms that appear alarming appear.

If symptoms appear as above, you should be able to immediately visit your doctor so that the cold doesn’t get worse.

Actually, we can see the signs of your cold are getting better by looking at the color of snot. If you have green snot, chances are we will recover soon.

There are several steps that can be taken to avoid colds, including keeping a distance from the patient until he is cured, routinely washing hands thoroughly before eating.

And what’s more, keep the body fresh, so that the body’s immune system is always strong and able to ward off all diseases. Thank you for reading this article about the worst day of a common cold, hopefully, it’s useful.


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