Why did the donkey get a passport? Here the right answer

why did the donkey get a passport
why did the donkey get a passport

Why did the donkey get a passport?

Centerjava.com – In the United States or in England, equines must have a passport, you cannot mess with this rule because the government will impose fines for equines that do not have a passport.

All types of Equines include donkey. Do you know why the passport for donkey is important? Why did the donkey get a passport? Let’s look at the explanation below.

Why did the donkey get a passport?

Like horses, donkey must also have a passport. With a passport, it can be identified accurately, so that the donkey will be clearly identified. With a passport, the donkey is easy to carry everywhere even across countries, especially which is included in the sport’s championship, will greatly need a passport because it will often be transported to compete abroad

In the UK, all equines cannot be sold if they do not have a passport, therefore all equines including donors must have a passport.

In the passport we can find out the complete identity, such as:

  • Donkey Name
  • Date of birth
  • Description
  • Owner’s identity
  • Breeder’s identity
  • Medical history or administration of vaccines
  • And other types of additional care.

In 2003, the UK passed a law to control horses or donkeys not being slaughtered or used as a food menu. The law was also enacted so as not to make horses the object of slaughter, and for horse or donkey owners who do not have a passport, they will be subject to sanctions with a fine of £ 5,000.

So it’s clear that, when has a passport, the Donkey population will be controlled. We will also find out the diseases that have been suffered by donkey, from this data we will be able to anticipate the disease so that it does not recur or spread. In addition, it provides an overview of the right care that we will later give after we buy a donkey.

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