When door is not a door? here the explanation

When door is not a door
When door is not a door

Centerjava.com – This time we will discuss a question about Language brain teasers. Questions like that sometimes make us confused, even though actually it is a simple question with easy answers because sometimes questions have answers with the only wordplay. there is one question about When the door is not a door? for that, we here will give the right answer and the explanation of the response.

When door is not a door

The answer to that question is:

When it’s ajar


Actually this is just a word game with a fast reading between ajar and a-jar.

If you say the two words quickly then the people around you will hear almost the same words, but actually the two words have very different meanings.

“Ajar” has a partially open meaning, pronounced exactly the same way as

“A jar ” means a-jar that has a lid.

The word game is Language Brain Teasers, which are word and letter manipulations but have different meanings, which make you think a little about it.

When door is not a door Conclusion

Well, from the explanation above, humor is beginning about the question “When the door is not a door?” So you don’t need to be confused with the question.

Many other words are almost the same in pronunciation but have very different meanings, you can look for it yourself to make such questions, especially for those of you who have a hobby of entertaining people, such as a standup comedy, this kind of play can make people interested and simultaneously make the audience laugh.

So your task is to look for words that have the same pronunciation but have different meanings and letters, then you can string words like the question above, and don’t forget to share it on your Facebook.com, and if the words you to be viral, I’m sure you must be very proud.

Thank you for reading this article. Hopefully, it can help.

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