What to eat with a sore throat for breakfast -Here’s the answer

what to eat with a sore throat for breakfast

Centerjava.com – What to eat with a sore throat for breakfast? When we are experiencing a sore throat, we can’t eat carelessly, especially when eating food when breakfast. We should be able to choose a proper breakfast So that our sore throats don’t get worse. And feel the sore throat longer or getting worse.

Sore throats are caused by viruses or occur due to bacterial infections, sore throats are more common in children and adolescents. And treating sore throats is sometimes not easy.

Usually a sore throat can also be accompanied by symptoms such as headache, enlarged glands in the neck, swollen tonsils, coughing, muscle aches, itching in the throat and pain when swallowing.

What to eat with a sore throat for breakfast

A sore throat is indeed very annoying, want anything so awful, swallowed it will feel hurt if we are sore throat, especially when we have breakfast. So what to eat with a sore throat for breakfast should appropriate.

Because what to eat with a sore throat for breakfast is not appropriate, will make our increasingly sore throat when eating, and leads us to stop eating and In the end our bodies lack of carbohydrates.

So you have to choose right things to eat when you have a sore throat.


Below this is the best what to eat with a sore throat for breakfast that your sore throat doesn’t get worse.

  1. Banana

Bananas are one of the right foods when you experience a sore throat, as we know that bananas have a soft texture that is easy to swallow at breakfast or lunch.

In addition bananas contain vitamin B 6, potassium and vitamin C. The content in these bananas, especially vitamin C, will help cure sore throats.

Besides being the right food for breakfast when you have a sore throat. Bananas can also make our stomachs full quickly to increase our energy because we do not eat all day because of pain when swallowing caused by sore throats.


  1. Chicken soup

When we experience sore throat chicken soup is the most delicious breakfast we can taste. In addition to delicious chicken soup, it is one of the foods that is easily digested when we experience a sore throat, because it has a sauce and is warm and makes our throat feel more comfortable.

Because of the ingredients contained in it, chicken soup has anti-inflammatory properties that help cure diseases caused by viruses or bacteria. Including a sore throat, so you can enjoy this delicious chicken soup for breakfast.

Chicken soup can also clean the respiratory tract, so it’s not just for treating sore throats. But if your nose is clogged due to flu, after eating chicken soup it will feel empty and relieved on your nose.

So it was what to eat with a sore throat for breakfast one of which was chicken soup.


  1. Yogurt

Yogurt is a food that has high nutrition. Besides containing animal protein, yogurt also contains lots of vitamins and minerals. Like calcium, vitamin B 2, B 12, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium.

Yogurt has a soft texture and is easy to swallow, so yogurt is highly recommended for a breakfast menu if you have a sore throat.

Anyone can eat yogurt, because in addition to having good nutrition, it also has minimal side effects. So this food can be your breakfast menu when you have a sore throat or when you are healthy.


  1. Porridge

When experiencing a sore throat, the throat is difficult to swallow rice or other hard foods. But we also have to eat to keep our stamina from being weak. Especially when having breakfast in the morning.

Breakfast is mandatory so that our carbohydrates are fulfilled, after a night we rest. For that we must choose foods that are soft and easy to swallow.

One of them is porridge, besides being easily swallowed with porridge, it will also meet our carbohydrate needs. Serve your breakfast with warm porridge, so that our throat is comfortable in swallowing.


  1. Pudding Rice

Rice pudding

Rice pudding can also be an alternative to breakfast if you have a sore throat. In addition to small children, it is also good for adults.

How to make nutritious rice pudding:

Ingredients you need to prepare are:

  1. Warm rice
  2. Adequate water
  3. 1 apple, peel the skin and grate
  4. Little powdered cinnamon

How to cook:

  1. Mix rice and water, place it on the stove over low heat. Then stir until well mixed.
  2. Put the grated apple and stir it evenly.
  3. Cook until the rice crumbles and thickens
  4. Add cinnamon, mix well, then wait a minute.
  5. Ready for breakfast.


  1. Oatmeal

Like porridge, oatmeal also has a soft and easy to swallow texture. So oatmeal is also good for breakfast when you have a sore throat.

Oatmeal has a fairly good nutrient content, some of the benefits of oatmeal besides being used for breakfast when sore throats are: can maintain body weight, reduce cholesterol, and stabilize blood sugar.

But even though oatmeal is a nutrient-rich food, many people don’t like it because they have a bland taste. To overcome this, you should mix with fruits such as apples, strawberries, bananas and others according to your preferences.

Or you can also add honey or brown sugar to make it sweet. And now your breakfast with oatmeal will taste better.


  1. Well-cooked vegetables

In addition to soft-textured foods as above, you can also make your own breakfast from vegetables cooked until soft like and potatoes.

That was some selection of food that you can eat when the sore throat. So you are not confuse, what to eat with a sore throat for breakfast anymore.

The most important thing is that the food is soft and easy to swallow, making it comfortable for your throat.


What not to eat with a sore throat

And most importantly you also avoid breakfast that can aggravate your sore throat. Below are foods for sore throat that should be avoided:

  1. Food is crunchy and hard

Hard food will be very difficult to swallow if you experience a sore throat, like dry bread, crackers or raw vegetables.

We recommend that you avoid these foods for breakfast or lunch, because these foods will make sore throats worse. And your throat is getting uncomfortable.

  1. Acidic fruit

Actually the fruit is for your health, but you should be able to choose the right fruit when you have a sore throat.

Like fruit that is acidic it should be avoided, because it can irritate the surface of your throat and even become uncomfortable because it gets sicker and hotter.

Avoid fruits such as oranges, young mangoes and others that are acidic. Instead of your favorite fruit, you can eat ice cream can also help a sore throat, because eating ice cream is also refreshing

  1. Alcohol

To avoid sore throat you are even worse, and make your throat dry. You should avoid alcoholic beverages, such as beer and wine.

You should also avoid mouthwash containing alcohol, because mouthwashes containing alcohol can cause a stinging sensation in the sore throat. So you will feel even more uncomfortable. It’s better to drink milk to help with sore throats or other herbal drinks that can help with sore throats.

Thus the article about What to eat with a sore throat for breakfast? Hopefully get well soon and don’t forget to share and comment if there are criticisms and suggestions. Thank you





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