What happens when you sell your soul?

what happens when you sell your soul
what happens when you sell your soul

What happens when you sell your soul?

Centerjava.comActually the purpose of our life is happiness, but in pursuit of happiness sometimes it feels difficult to achieve. Many people who take shortcuts by selling his soul to the devil, to get the treasure, throne, and women, and for other purposes that it sometimes even far away from happiness. Then what happens when you sell your soul?

What happens when you sell your soul?

For those who have not been able to live this life normally, they will give up, they will do anything to make their lives better, but with shortcuts, in a wrong and misguided way.

They performed black rituals so that the devil would come and help fulfill their desires, they are willing to sell their souls to Satan who can only bring pleasure in the world.

It is recognized that, after you sell your soul to Satan, what happens is that you have the power to make everything you want easily.

What happens when you sell your soul to the devil

Selling souls to Satan is a very big risk because you will be faced with the most cunning fraud in the universe.

You need to remember, that the devil that helps you to realize all your desires is not free, Satan will want all that is valuable to you and even your family.

Sometimes your child, your wife or your father and mother, or someone you care about will accept the risk because of you. You will watch your loved ones die unnaturally, or experience something abnormal.

Keep in mind when you sell your soul, meaning you will get your desire in the world, but Satan will ask for your soul and will be enslaved in the realm of death.

Some figures who sell their souls to Satan

There have been many figures who sold their souls to Satan who ended badly, here below are some world leaders who sell their souls to Satan.

1. Michael Scot

In the 12th century, he was very popular. He was an explorer and also the most admired astrologer of the 12th century, he already got all his desires by selling his soul to Satan.

Even made an association, by worshiping Satan and practicing black magic. He often makes strange requests to demons such as being able to fly and other strange things. And in the end, he died miserably.

2. Oliver Cromwell

Oliver Cromwell is a person in the history of the United Kingdom who is known to have a strong connection with the devil. He sold his soul to Satan with the reward of a very high position in the kingdom.

This case is no longer hearsay. Even the British Empire acknowledged and after Oliver’s death, they were still displaying the bodies of people who were considered evil.

In 1658 a great storm had destroyed England. This storm is considered the time when the devil took Oliver’s soul. After his death arrived, the place Oliver had once lived in became very haunted.

In fact, many people say seeing a ghost from Oliver who likes to disturb people. His soul is not calm because it belongs to the devil.

3. Johann Georg Faust

The third example is the person who sold his soul to Satan namely Dr. Johann Georg Faust. he was an alchemist, fortune teller and witch from Germany. His life story is at the core of the popular story of Faust in the 1580s, entitled The Tragically History of Doctor Faustus (1604) and Faust (1808).

The rumor is, Faust wants a life full of satisfaction and pleasure and involves himself with occult practices that teach how to summon demons. After successfully doing it, he made a deal with the devil, exchanging his soul with 24 years of devotion to him. After 16 years, he regretted his actions and wanted to cancel the agreement. The consequence of his efforts to attract an agreement with the devil ends as we thought: He was brutally murdered by the devil.

4. Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson is a great Blues musician from America, ranked number 5 out of 100 in the Rolling Stones list as the greatest guitarist of all time. Rumor has it that he aspires to become a famous guitarist and is good at playing guitar, he is then told to go to a crossroads.

There he met the devil who then tuned his guitar, and gave him power over the instrument. Strange, Johnson was not bothered by these rumors, even as if he was giving a hint to them that in fact, he had made a deal with the prince of darkness. He produced 6 albums before his death at the age of 27. that’s the suffering he got after selling his soul.

Outline of What happens when you sell your soul?

Actually, there are still many examples of characters that sell their souls to Satan and end up with a sad death, but you need to remember, we not only live in the world, after the world is still alive. Defend yourself and not be enslaved to Satan,

Never sell your soul to a devil just for the pleasure of the world; every difficulty must have a solution. Remember after trouble there will be ease.

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