What decreases iron absorption in the body?

what decreases iron absorption
what decreases iron absorption

What decreases iron absorption

Centerjava.com What decreases iron absorption. Iron is a substance that is needed by the body. Iron plays a role in the brain’s work system and the process of forming red blood cells in the body. If iron in our body is fulfilled properly, then the levels of red blood cells will be fulfilled, but if on the contrary if there are iron absorption decreases, then there will be a problem in the system of our body such as anemia.

If someone decreases iron absorption and causes anemia, then you should really pay attention to your food intake so that iron absorption is good. As we know that anemia causes our daily lives to be disrupted. You easily feel tired or weak, dizzy when standing, breathing problems, brittle nails, or tongue aches.

What decreases iron absorption

What decreases iron absorption? Actually, the fulfillment of iron absorption in the body is very easy because almost food with iron content becomes our daily diet. Like meat, egg yolks, fish, chicken beans and bread or cereals. But why can we lack iron? It turns out that there is a problem that decreases iron absorption other than food.

So if we feel that the fulfillment of iron in food is sufficient, then there are other factors in the iron absorption decreases. So, what decreases iron absorption in the presence of an inhibitor in the absorption of iron, perhaps because of health problems or other lifestyle habits.

Now, what decreases iron absorption

There are several things that can iron absorption decreases, namely:

1 Gastroectomy

One of the decreases iron absorption in the body is the production of stomach acid in the body. After you have performed surgery on the part of the stomach or gastroectomy, the production of stomach acid has not stabilized, the production of disturbed stomach acid is one of the causes that trigger iron absorption decreases in the body.

2 Tea and coffee

Drinking tea or coffee in the morning while eating snacks is very enjoyable for us because it is very delicious and expels the cold to our bodies. That is okay, as long as it’s not excessive. Limit drinking coffee to a maximum of 2 glasses a day. So why does the and coffee decreases iron absorption? It turns out that the content of tannin and caffeine found in and coffee is what causes iron absorption to be disturbed indigestion.

3 Take antacid drugs during ulcers

The third cause of iron absorption decreases still around stomach problems such as gastroectomy conditions, it turns out the consumption of antacids or ulcer drugs will also affect the production of stomach acid. The drug will also react immediately with iron in the stomach and iron absorption decreases.

4 Excessive iron intakes

Too much iron in the body will also be an inhibitor of iron absorption. For that, you must know foods that have a lot of iron content, so if you feel weak, you can reduce the consumption of these foods.

5 Low stomach acids

It should be emphasized again that stomach acid greatly affects iron absorption. You can learn about stomach acid here

Well, the five points above are what decreases iron absorption, so it’s best to avoid these causes so that iron can be absorbed properly. But there are also foods that can reduce the iron content in the body. Is that? Keep referring to this article, guys.

Foods that can reduce iron content

In addition there are substances in foods that inhibit the absorption of iron, it turns out there are also foods that reduce the iron content in the body. To find out that iron content in the body is important, we cannot lack or excess iron in the body. If we lack iron it can affect the production of red blood cells which results in anemia, but vice versa if we overload iron will cause Thalassemia.

The following are foods that can reduce iron levels in the body:

1. Egg

Eggs are a high source of protein. But based on the Iron Disorders Institute, in one egg by boiling it can reduce iron absorption by 28%. This is because eggs have phosivitin content.

Phosivitin is a protein compound that can bind iron molecules together and prevent the body from absorbing iron obtained from food. So this food decreases the iron content in the body with iron absorption decreases.

2. Foods in high calcium

Foods that also can decreases iron absorption are foods that have high calcium content such as milk. When you lack iron you should also avoid other dairy products such as ice cream and yogurt. These foods are good for breakfast when you have a sore throat, but you should also consider if you have anemia.

Calcium-containing milk is the only substance known to inhibit iron absorption. But calcium 300 mg in milk will have no effect on inhibiting iron absorption. Calcium starts to inhibit the absorption of iron if consumed more than 300-600mg per day. To note that 1 cup of one cup of milk contains about 300 mg of calcium, so you can calculate the milk you can consume in 1 day to avoid decreases iron absorption.

3. Green Tea

Green tea is an herbal tea that has many health benefits. But for those of you who experience iron deficiency, you should reduce consuming green tea first until iron is fulfilled because it turns out this tea is also capable of iron absorption decreases.

As with honey effect on the face, green tea also has antioxidant content is able to be able to prevent cell damage and free radicals.

4. Cereals

Foods that have high fiber are good for those of you who have excessive iron content or thalassemia. These foods can reduce iron levels in the body. Cereals such as wheat skin, corn, wheat, rice, and soybeans are examples of foods that are recommended for consumption for those who have blood disorders.

Outline what decreases iron absorption

Signs of anemia due to iron deficiency are pale, weak, lethargic, dizzy, and eye problems which are often dizzy vision. If a Hb level is examined in the blood, the Hb is less than normal.

Maintain the condition of the body especially stomach acid so that iron can be absorbed properly.

Foods that contain lots of iron include red meat, liver, dried apricot fruit, prune juice, peas, kidney beans, tomato sauce, ginger, and green vegetables.

Foods contain substances that inhibit the absorption of iron by the body. Such as tannin (tea, chocolate, apple juice, peanuts), polyphenols (chocolate, peas, and cereals including wheat), calcium (in milk), and zinc (in brown rice).

Thank you for reading the article about What decreases iron absorption. Maybe useful.


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