Wet Cough Remedies for Toddlers with Tasty Flavors

wet cough remedies for toddlers
wet cough remedies for toddlers

Wet Cough Remedies for Toddlers

Centerjava.comWet Cough Remedies for Toddlers. Wet cough is the cough that will bring up phlegm and it can be called as productive cough because you can feel the phlegm moving inside your lungs. This type of cough is also the sign of bacterial infection and usually, it happens to children. When the phlegm accumulates a lot in the chest, it is hard for them to breath. That is why, you should give wet cough remedies for toddlers to reduce the severe and after that, you can take them to doctors at the next day.

Wet Cough Remedies for Toddlers Should be Nice and Flavorful

When your children got wet cough, they will cough more when sleeping or at night. It is because the phlegm accumulates right at the back of the throat especially when they lie down. It is normal though it can disturb sleep. The cough somehow will last for several weeks but after that, it can resolve without any treatment given. However, it is better to make wet cough remedies for toddlers before taking them to doctors for getting the better medical treatment.

Tasty wet cough remedies for Toddlers

The home remedies should not be bad for the flavors because the one who drinks it is your kid. That is why, you must look for the tasty wet cough remedies that will be liked by them such as:

1. Give popsicle for them

Perhaps as the parents, you will ban and forbid those things from your children until they feel better. However, sucking the popsicle can help them to relieve the scratchy throat during the cough. You can give them sugar-free candy, popsicle made of fruits and crushed ice so they can suck it. However, you have to give them for toddlers above 4 years old.

2. Honey

No wonder, honey is famous for the anti-microbial agents inside and honey can help the body to fight against cold. The sweet taste comes naturally and it will enhance the saliva production that will thin the mucus which produces phlegm. To give this remedy for children, you just need to mix 1 tablespoon of pure raw honey in the hot water and you can squeeze the lemon. Mix it well and give the syrup to your children. However, you may not give it to the infants under one because it will cause botulism.

3. Milk and turmeric

Basically, this is the old remedy passed from generation to generation for centuries. However, it is believed that the mix of milk and turmeric can give the instant relief from cough. This is not good for wet cough only but it can be used for whooping cough and sore throat. Turmeric is known for the antiseptic property and effective to treat infections. You just need to add 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder to warm milk and give it to your kids. You can use spoon and feed them or you can put it in the bottle. Give it every night until they are cured.

4. Lemon syrup and fenugreek

To make this remedy, you just need to soak 1 teaspoon of fenugreek leaves and 1 teaspoon of thyme leaves together in 1 ½ cups of water. Add 1 tablespoon of fenugreek seed and lemon in half a slice. Simmer it until it reduces to only 1 cup. To remove the bitterness, add honey and also vegetable glycerin.

Since wet cough remedies for toddlers are natural, don’t expect the quick result. If you do it regularly, then you can see the better improvement.


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