Watch seikon no qwaser uncensored for free

watch seikon no qwaser
watch seikon no qwaser

Watch seikon no qwaser uncensored – Seikon no qwaser uncensored, already know about this anime? If you’ve ever watched a Nikon Qwaser, surely you already know a little about the story of the anime. Actually this one anime you shouldn’t watch, the main requirement is that you have to be teenagers enough to watch Seikon no qwaser. How not, the main character can be strong if you suck bo0ob, so you can imagine if the main character is fighting and wants to be strong.

Watch seikon no qwaser

But take it easy guys, we will provide a link for those of you who want to Watch seikon no qwaser uncensored. You can even watch full from the first and second seikon no qwaser. But your main condition must not be underage at least you are over 17 years old.

Ok guys, so, here is the link to:

watch seikon no qwaser 1 uncensored ( episode 1 – 24 + special episode 01-15)

watch seikon no qwaser 2 uncensored ( episode 1 – 12 + special episode 01-04)

Happy watching, don’t forget you have to be over 17 to watch this anime

Anime that should be watched for 17 years and above besides seikon no qwaser 1

Besides seikon no qwaser, there are some anime that you should not watch if you are not yet 17 years old, including:

1. Boku no Pico

There is a reason why I don’t imagine the genre of this anime. But clearly, for those of you who don’t like violent scenes, it’s best not to watch this anime.

2. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

This anime does not really recommend for those who are timid especially easily affected, because this anime shows a lot of scenes of suspicion which eventually ends tragically and deadly.

This anime will be presenting shows that spur your adrenaline and make you see characters that were initially normal, but finally become Psycho and like to kill. So, if you feel like you can’t, you can just try watching a little.

3. School Days

When asked if this anime is interesting, at first it does. But after running over 5 episodes, this anime turned into an anime that is currently hated by all the otaku in the world, especially the main character.

The point is, this anime tells the story of the main character who falls in love with a girl, so she asks for advice from her girlfriend. But over time the main character actually became a jerk and a playboy. And the next scene with a lot of girls who surely you know for yourself what they will do

4.  Kiss X Sis

This anime is actually my favorite. The storyline of the main character named Ketita can really make all of us jealous, especially singles who have always been looking for a life partner.

But actually I feel that this anime doesn’t really recommend for those of you who like to be influenced by something you see. This anime essentially tells the story of the main man who is starring karen living with two twin sisters who are actually not one blood with him.

Because not one blood, the Keita finally became the center of love triangle or her two sisters, and as a result the scene which should be watched 17 years plus began to take action.

Thank you for reading this page about Watch seikon no qwaser, hopefully you are more than 17 years old.

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