Toddler Coughing at Night Only, The Cause and Prevention

toddler coughing at night only
toddler coughing at night only

Toddler coughing at night only

Centerjava.comToddler coughing at night only. Coughing is basically normal and your children can cough too sometimes. However, some are different and why is toddler coughing at night only? Does your child have a similar problem? Don’t underestimate this thing because it will get worse, and perhaps your children have something you don’t know at all. A cough happens at night only has a name and this is known as a nighttime cough and the causes can be varied from minor infection to a serious problem.

Toddler Coughing at Night Only

If your toddler coughing at night only, don’t just stand still without doing a thing. This cough is different because it can last over 4 weeks. If this lasts longer, then it is considered as the chronic one. You should take the children to be evaluated by doctors. However, before taking them to doctor, you should make the journal to know the timing, duration and frequency of the cough. You can find out if there are any triggers so the treatment can be given properly without making any wrong decision.

Why Toddler Coughing at Night Only?

However, what is the cause of nighttime cough? It can be many things but you can see the common cause such as:

Nocturnal Asthma

This is the common cause of coughing at night in children. Just like the name, this symptom comes at night only because there are changes in airways that occur when children sleep. This type of asthma is dry with a hacking cough and sometimes, it is accompanied frequently by wheezing. The review article in 2009 titled “McGill Journal of Medicine” said that this asthma may be triggered by environmental agents or allergens.

You should look for any help as soon as possible because this cough can disrupt sleep. Your children want to sleep better during the night but this cough can make them stay late until morning. When morning comes, they can sleep better. You can prevent this happen while getting the right treatment so the symptom will not come back again and the ways to prevent are:

1. Make sure to keep the bedding clean

If your children have this cough due to allergies, then you should focus on their environment first. You need to concentrate on the bed. You have to remove ant dust, tiny creature and lurk in bedding. Those are the common triggers to cause allergies. To get rid of them all, you need to wash their bedding set every week in hot water since it can kill the bacteria.

2. Watch and set the humidity

If you children tend to have nighttime cough, it is better for you to put humidifiers inside their rooms. It can relieve cough through the air and it prevents dryness. However, too much moisture in the air can make them coughing more. Both allergens such as mold and dust mites thrive in the damp air. That is why, you have to set the level of humidity around 40% to 50%. You can use a hygrometer to measure the humidity which is affordable.

If a cough keeps going, then you have to take your children to doctors so they can get treatment. Don’t underestimate toddler coughing at night only and make sure to keep their environment safe and clean so they can breathe easily during sleep.


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