How to stop a runny nose instantly, easy and natural ways

worst day of common cold
worst day of common cold – How to stop a runny nose instantly? For those of you who are suffering from colds definitely feel a sore head, sneezing and runny nose. Maybe for those of you who are working, having a runny nose is very annoying and wants to stop a runny nose instantly. For that you arrived at this article and searched for How to stop a runny nose instantly.

How to stop a runny nose instantly

So take it easy, because we will give you a few how to stop a runny nose instantly, which you can do so that your runny nose is quickly resolved. And you can work calmly without a runny nose.

We all have experienced runny noses which when working must go back and forth to the bathroom, so runny nose is very disturbing our daily activities.

Causes of runny nose

Before discussing How to stop a runny nose instantly, it would be good to know about the causes of a runny nose. Because it turns out, the runny nose is not just a cold. Many causes of a runny nose include:

1. Cold

Colds are the most common cause of a runny nose because respiratory infections occur due to the body in a weak condition.

In weak conditions, the immune system will decrease and easily contract the surrounding diseases, such as colds, flu, cough, and other diseases.

Colds will be followed by symptoms that affect daily activities such as runny nose, stuffy nose and sore throat, sneezing and mild fever.

Usually, the cold cycle is 4-7 days, and we can also to find out signs your cold is getting better through the color of snot when your a runny nose.

So you can predict when your cold sore will heal. And take appropriate action so that your runny nose gets well soon.

2. Cold temperature

Cold temperatures are one of the causes of runny noses. At cold temperatures the body will react by producing lenders in the nasal glands. The reaction is because the body maintains moisture in the nasal tissue so that the nasal cavity remains in dry conditions.

3. Allergy

Allergies are the body’s response to danger or foreign matter entering the nasal cavity. Such foreign bodies such as dust smoke and small particles carried by the wind are considered as dangerous foreign objects. With this allergy, the body responds with sneezing which then causes a runny nose.

4. Disorders of the ear cavity

Viral attacks on ear tissue can also cause inflammation. Pain caused to the ear will spread to the nasal tissue. So to defend themselves in these conditions, the nose will react by producing lenders to stabilize the condition. In the process will also cause a runny nose.

5. Nasal polyps

Nasal polyps are tissue growth in the nasal respiratory wall. Polyps are soft tissue, not painful and not cancerous.

The growth of polyps can clog and cause breathing problems such as shortness of breath and wheezing. This condition triggers an increase in fluid in the nasal cavity and causes a runny nose.

How to stop a runny nose instantly at home

You can do your own How to stop a runny nose instantly at home. With natural ingredients that can be easily found in the kitchen in your home. Do all the methods below in a day so that your runny nose will stop immediately.

Below is what you have to do for 1 day at home so you can stop a runny nose instantly:

1. Increase consumption of body fluids

The first How to stop a runny nose instantly is by increasing fluid intake. Try to drink lots of warm water to thin the mucus in the throat. Fluids can also maintain moisture in the nose and throat.

It does not matter if you drink more water than usual as long as it is not excessive, most of the effect you will go out into the bathroom to urinate.

In addition, water is very good for the body so that the body does not lack fluids because of a runny nose.

You can also fulfill your fluid needs by consuming herbal tea, eating warm soup and drinking juices rich in vitamins.

You should drink a warm drink when your a runny nose because warm drinks are better than cold drinks. warm drinks also can get rid of stuffy nose.

So to stop a runny nose instantly, try making herbal teas made from ginger, mint leaves or chamomile. Because the herbal tea has decongestant content, so it can relieve the throat and help a runny nose and stuffy nose.

2. Steam inhalation

How to stop a runny nose instantly second way is inhaling steam. As has been quoted that inhalation of vapors can relieve a cold sore nose, stuffy and runny nose.

As we all know that inhaling steam we have been doing for generations as a traditional medicine to relieve respiratory and throat due to colds and flu.

How to inhale water vapor

  • Pour hot water in the basin, and then add a few drops of eucalyptus oil. Stir until evenly mixed.
  • Bring your face to the top of the basin for 3 minutes, and then inhale the warm steam.
  • When you inhale the vapors of water, make sure your eyes closed to avoid irritation in your eyes
  • Repeat several times until your respiratory tract feels relieved.

This method is already familiar to us, but this method can be used to stop a runny nose instantly

The thing that must be considered by using this method for your runny nose is: You must be extra careful when bringing your face closer to the hot water in the basin.

Do not let your skin get hot water, because it will cause burns on your face. So try to find a position and a safe place without interference if doing this way.

How to stop a runny nose instantly at home

how to stop a runny nose instantly
how to stop a runny nose instantly

3. Clean the nose with salt

Cleaning your nose with a salt solution is the third way to stop a runny nose instantly. This way is believed to relieve congestion and stop a runny nose quickly.

This method can also maintain the moisture of the nose so that it does not experience inflammation when often removing mucus by squeezing the nose.

You can search at pharmacies or other stores that sell nose cleaners with sterile salt-containing solutions that you can immediately use to relieve your runny nose.

You also can make your own salt solution that can be directly used to clean a runny nose. The trick is to mix 1 cup of sterile warm water, ½ teaspoon of salt, and add a little baking soda and then stir until everything dissolves.

After that, the solution is ready for you to clean your runny nose. Use this method 3 times a day. This method is believed to be able to stop a runny nose instantly.

4. Eat spicy food.

Eating spicy foods can also make your nose stuffy and can relieve a runny nose. In addition, spicy foods contain substances of capsaicin and allyl isothiocyanate in spicy foods that can make the air entering the nose more when the nose is blocked.

When first eating spicy food does make a runny nose worse. But this method can thin the mucus in the respiratory tract quickly. Try eating spicy soup or other foods that are soupy and spicy, after that can stop a runny nose instantly.

5. Take a warm bath

The fifth way to stop a runny nose instantly is to take a bath using warm water. In addition to warm drinks, warm baths are also believed to thin the mucus in the throat.

Warm baths can help reduce inflammation in the nasal cavity because of a runny nose.

6. Keep the air moist

For nasal congestion, should be in the room that has the moist air. Moist air can also thin mucus and relieve nasal congestion.

7. Get enough rest

Basically, we are easily attacked by a runny nose because our body’s immune is in a bad condition. Immune is not good because many things, especially our bodies are too tired.

With enough rest can make the body relax and the brain will stimulate the body to produce white blood cells that are useful for fighting viruses and bacteria that cause congestion.

Take a break with your best sleeping position with breathing problems because of a blocked nose and runny nose.

8. Clean the a runny nose by inserting tissue into the nostrils

If you who are experiencing a runny nose, your nose also has swelling or inflammation. Understandably, we are automatically uncomfortable with runny noses. To get rid of it, you will squeeze your nose to get rid of snot. And this you will do continuously because your nose is runny and makes inflammation.

To avoid inflammation of your nose, you should use a tissue, put clean tissue into the nostrils. Let the tissue absorb snot. In this way, you can clean the snot without squeezing your nose to make inflammation in the nose.

Actually we also benefit from a runny nose due to a cold. Most smokers will experience more coughs and colds. This is because coughs and colds are the body’s way of protecting the lungs from accumulating mucus. So it’s better for coughs and colds not to be treated with antibiotics but in a natural way.

We recommend that you rest more, drink enough water, eat vegetables, fruit, and routinely remove mucus from the body, because not all bacteria are harmful to the body. About 100 trillion bacteria benefit the body’s metabolic and defense systems. These bacteria process food and make vitamins B and K.

By doing the above points in a day, then you can stop a runny nose instantly. In addition, you can use natural ingredients around you to get rid of a runny nose.

Thank you for reading the article about How to stop a runny nose instantly. hopefully, it’s useful. Thank you.


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