Stomach Pain Hot Flashes Nausea Headaches

stomach pain hot flashes nausea headaches
stomach pain hot flashes nausea headaches

Stomach Pain Hot Flashes Nausea Headaches – Stomach Pain Hot Flashes Nausea Headaches. A Headache can be so different from the easy one to the complicated one followed by many symptoms. If you experience stomach pain hot flashes nausea headaches, they are called as a Migraine headache. Most people experience it but actually, this is not an average or an ordinary headache. Migraines are so pounding and strong but it happens only on one side of your head. However, it is usually followed by other symptoms in different stages.

What is Stomach Pain Hot Flashes Nausea Headache

If you experience stomach pain hot flashes a nausea headache, this is called Migraine. However, migraine is followed by warning symptoms and it is known as aura. The symptoms inside the aura stage can be so different such as flashes of light, floaters and tingling sensations happened in your legs and arms. A Migraine can last for hours even days and it can affect your daily activities. Based on the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, this type of a headache can be experienced by 12% of adults in the US population.

Some migraines might be caused by any nerve fibers’ activation in the brain’s blood vessel. Migraine in classic type has about 4 different stages and each has different symptoms. The stages are:

  • Premonitory or prodrome stage
  • Visual symptoms and tingling or aura stage
  • Main attack or headache stage
  • Recovery or postdrome stage

Stage of Stomach Pain Hot Flashes Nausea Headache

However, not all people will experience all stages but at least, you have to know the symptoms in each stage. It will help you to know the right treatment you can get. The early stages are:

1. Prodrome stage

This can start from one hour until 2 days before the main migraine begins. The symptoms might be yawning frequently, irritability, constipation, sore neck or tight, crave for sweet, thirst, changes of mood such as depression or anxiety and fatigue.

2. Aura stage

It happens before a migraine and sometimes it happens during a migraine. Aura is the visual disturbance but it includes other sensations. Symptoms will build up gradually and it can last for 20 to 1 hour. Around 30% of people experience this headache will have the aura. Meanwhile, the symptoms can be tinnitus or ringing inside ears, aphasia or speech problems, pins, and needles or tingling sensations in legs and arms, seeing the dark spots or loss of vision and flashes or see the bright spots only.

3. Main attack stage

This stage will include the headache itself with other symptoms followed. It may last for hours and days. During the attack stage, you will experience some symptoms such as fainting, vision blurred, lightheadedness, appetite loss, heartburn or abdominal pain, vomiting or nausea, worsening pain, sensitivity to smells, sounds and light extremely and throbbing pain. If you have migraine, you will feel it often so you want to lie down only and also escape from the crowds. The emotion is sometimes increasing so you need to sleep for hours in order to remove the attack.

4. Recovery stage

During this stage, you will feel drained and tired but a migraine will fade slowly and some people feel euphoria.


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