Stimulants can generate a? Answer and explanation

stimulants can generate a
stimulants can generate a

Stimulants can generate a __________ – One of the conditions for you to pass on an online traffic school program is that you have to be able to answer about 50 questions, one of which is the question Stimulants can generate a? We will give the following answers from the question, and also provide an explanation of the question.

Stimulants can generate a __________

A.slow heartbeat
B.false sense of depression
C.large amount of blood
D.false sense of well being


D. false sense of well being


From the choice of answers above, D. false The sense of well being is the most appropriate answer to the question Stimulants can generate a?

Stimulants are substances or drugs that can stimulate bodily functions and affect your level of consciousness, stimulants are psychotropic categories when consumed will stimulate the central nervous system and the organ’s work system, so it is very dangerous if you are taking stimulants in a driving condition.

When someone uses stimulants, he will feel happy and overly happy, which is why there is an assumption that people who like to “smile themselves” are drug users.

Stimulants can generate a __________

Now the problem is, is the “happy” effect caused by stimulants having a good effect on our body?

Feelings of “pleasure” arising from psychotropic will reduce the body’s coordination capacity, this happens because we lack neurotransmitters — substances that can deliver nerve impulses. In our brain, there is dopamine — a neurotransmitter that functions to “make us feel happy”. For example, when we eat chocolate ice cream, dopamine will make us feel “Wow, really delicious ice cream. It tastes good and makes us buy again.

Likewise, if we have felt the effects of Stimulants and in the end, they will continue to use it or be addicted to a false sense of well being.


Stimulants can generate a false sense of well being

In addition to stimulating a false sense of well being, stimulants can cause adverse effects on health, and will also affect the environment around you, and moreover will increase the percentage of criminals in your city.

Thank you for reading this article about stimulating you to generate a false sense of well being. Hopefully, you understand the importance of health.

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