Recurring Cold Symptoms Every Few Weeks

recurring cold symptoms every few weeks
recurring cold symptoms every few weeks

Recurring Cold Symptoms Every Few Weeks, The Signs of Dangerous Condition

Centerjava.comRecurring Cold Symptoms Every Few Weeks. Cold is a common disease and for some people, it can go away in a short time. Meanwhile, others are in the opposite position. Some people might think they are free from cold but after a few weeks, the cold comes back again. The symptoms feel go and back again. If you think there are recurring cold symptoms every few weeks, you should see a doctor. It can be any problem with your immune system or your cold is not just an ordinary cold.

Recurring Cold Symptoms Every Few Weeks

If you think you have an ordinary cold, then you need to think again. If there are recurring cold symptoms every few weeks, it is not just the ordinary cold anymore. Perhaps, you have chronic condition and cold is just the beginning.

Perhaps, the cold is followed by any condition such as severe allergies, asthma, and others. You have to see the doctor and find out the differences between cold and flu symptoms because sometimes, those are similar but the medical treatment is absolutely different.

According to a primary care physician along with One Medical Group named Navya Mysore, MD, if you have recovered from the illness such as cold but the symptoms re-appear again in short time, it is the sign of “superinfection” or known also as rebound illness.

Initially, you begin sick with cold but once the immune system is compromised, you begin to develop more serious illness such as sinus infection, pneumonia or strep throat. You have to see the doctors know the condition and perhaps, you can get antibiotics.

Recurring Cold Symptoms Every Few Weeks, How to Deal with it?

Melisa Lai Becker, MD as the emergency medicine’ site chief from Cambridge Health Alliance said that the ordinary cold can be gone on its own in 3 to 4 days. The cold will begin with a runny nose, congestion, scratchy throat and after that, you will cough more.

During a cough, the cold symptoms will disappear right after 4 days. After a couple days of hydration, rest and medication, you will be OK. However, she said if the symptoms last longer then 4 days, it is possible if you have something more such as mononucleosis or flu.

If the symptoms keep coming back after being recovered for a few weeks and you have fever also, it can be something dangerous. Dr. Lai Becker added, if the cold comes with fever, it is not common. It can be something high and if the fever is more than 101 degrees Fahrenheit, it is the sign of another disease such as strep throat.

Most people with strep throat will get a high fever in a few days so you need to pay attention if there is a change in the temperature of the body. She said that strep throat is the disease you want to differentiate from the regular cold.

If you just leave it, it can be rheumatic fever and it will lead to a very chronic disease such as heart problem. Meanwhile, if the recurring cold symptoms every few weeks keep coming back with chest pain, it is another severe disease.

A Cough is basically normal during the cold but Dr. Mysore said chest pain, wheezing and shortness of breath can’t be ignored. Breathing problem can be the sign or pneumonia or bronchitis. Meanwhile, shortness of breath, tightness and chest pain might be the pulmonary embolism.


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