Pink eye getting worse with drops if like this..!

Pink eye getting worse with drops
Pink eye getting worse with drops

Centerjava.comPink eye getting worse with drops. When there are eye problems, the first thing you think about is using eye drops, whether it’s because of the pink eye, dryness, and itching or eye pain. However, when you go to a pharmacy or drug store, you will see lots of eye drops. For that, you must understand the needs of eye drops, or even if you choose the wrong eye getting worse with drops.

Pink eye getting worse with drops

The pink eye getting worse with drops is very likely to happen to us, if the pink eye you suffer is wrong in handling it. Besides that, you also need to know the cause of the pink eye. The pink eye is caused by viruses and bacteria, that make blood vessels at the base of the eye membrane experiencing swelling. This swelling occurs due to the entry of foreign dust or particles into the eye, infections, allergies, injuries, frequent exposure to the sun, and dry eyes.

Pink eye getting worse with drops, then is there something wrong with the drops? Once when a patient came to the hospital and complained to the ophthalmologist because of the pink eye getting worse with drops. Even though we know that the pink eye can easily be cured by drops. So see the following article in order to add insight about the right treatment if you suffer from pink eye without getting worse.

Pink eye getting worse with drops Causes

Pink eye is often experienced by anyone. However, many people still underestimate this problem. They will choose drops that are sold on the market without seeing the content and sometimes the expiration date has expired, even though according to doctors we should not be careless when using eye drops.

You must be wise in choosing eye drops, usually, drugs sold in the market are intended to treat minor irritations only. You should see the eye drops content. If eye drops have levels that actively shrink blood vessels, it must be more careful.

When you experience irritation and pink eye, usually we immediately give eye drops. And when the pink eye doesn’t improve, we continue to give the drops which make the pink eye getting worse with drops.

Usually, eye drops on the market can shrink blood vessels, if used continuously the longer it won’t even solve the problem, because the pink eye could have been reduced initially, but it could have returned even worse.

That’s because we use eye drops too often, and the effect can make blood vessels shrink so that the eyes become more severe. For mild irritation, you can use drops sold on the market, but if you have used eye drops for three days but still have a pink eye, it’s better to immediately go to the ophthalmologist to be given further action.

Choose the right drops for the pink eye

The pink eye getting worse with drops occurs if you are wrong in choosing or using drops. But with the selection of the right eye drops, the pink eye caused by a virus or bacteria will heal within 7 to 10 days after the appearance of symptoms.

You need to know to choose the right eye drops by looking at the content contained in these eye drops, here are examples of eye diseases and choosing the right eye drops:

1. Drops for dry eyes

Dry eyes can make it uncomfortable, especially when working or doing activities. Especially for those of us who work in front of the computer, dry eyes will become a subscription for us. So you are expected to be able to choose the right drops so that dry eyes don’t get worse.

Dry eyes are also caused due to our outdoor activities with windy conditions, dry air, the effects of eye surgery, or because of eye fatigue.
To overcome this, you can use eye drops, or commonly called artificial tears. With these drops, it can provide a little relief for dry eyes in the short term. This eye drops work by adding a tearing element to wet-dry eyes, making the eyes moister.

You should avoid eye drops containing decongestants, usually eye medications that contain this substance to treat pink eye and irritation. Decongestants can indeed reduce pink eye, but these substances can also worsen dry eye symptoms because these drugs work by shrinking blood vessels and will make dry eyes not getting better but getting worse.

2. Drops for the pink eye

Viruses and bacteria are the cause of the pink eye. Besides feeling sore also causes us to lack confidence in our appearance, In fact, people will avoid us seeing their eyes directly because they are afraid of being infected. Therefore you must be right in choosing drops so that they don’t get worse.

Pink eye drops are eye drops containing decongestants. These drops work by shrinking blood vessels and making the eye sclera look whiter. But also pay attention if long-term use will potentially cause serious problems, such as dry eyes, irritation, dilated pupils and other side effects.

You also have to be careful, because the eyes can also become addicted to these eye drops. If it’s addicted, this drug will force the eye to use more and more when the effect of the drug is gone. Therefore, do not often use this type of eye drops. If your eyes don’t improve and get worse, immediately consult a doctor.

Pink eye getting worse with drops

3. Drops for itchy eyes due to allergies.

Most people usually rub their eyes in the hope that they can eliminate the painful itching.

Rubbing the eyes does feel better when our eyes are itchy, but without us realizing that this causes the eyes to release histamine which will make the eyes become more itchy which gets worse.

For itchy eyes due to allergies, choose eye drops containing antihistamines. Antihistamine eye drops are indeed made to reduce histamine in the eye tissue. But if the itching gets worse by using eye drops, you should immediately consult an ophthalmologist.

An outline of the Pink eye

  • Viruses and bacteria are the cause of the pink eye
  • The virus that causes pink eye can spread quickly
  • In addition to viruses and bacteria, pink eye is also caused by allergies
  • The symptoms of the pink eye are marked with pink eyes or the white part of the eye and the eyelids appear to swell
  • People with pink eye will feel the part of their eyes like sandy and uncomfortable when they wake up in the morning.

Hopefully, the article titled Pink eye getting worse with drops can be useful for you if you are attacked by pink eye, or you are near someone who has pink eye, so you can know what is the best you can do without making pink eye getting worse. Thank you


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