Oxygen crosses a plasma membrane by?

Oxygen crosses a plasma membrane by
Oxygen crosses a plasma membrane by

Oxygen crosses a plasma membrane by

Centerjava.comHello guys, come back to biology, this time we will discuss a question that is Oxygen crosses a plasma membrane by? Let’s look at the answers and explanations in full below.

Oxygen crosses a plasma membrane by

A) Active transport.

B) Osmosis

C) Pinocytosis

D) Passive transport

E) phagocytosis

The answer is: D) Passive transport


Passive transport is the transfer of molecules or ions without using energy, the transfers of these molecules occur spontaneously, from high to low concentrations, so passive transport it’s not like active transport that requires energy to work, passive transport includes diffusion and osmosis

Oxygen crosses a plasma membrane by passive transport


Diffusion is the spread of substance molecules from high concentration to low concentration without using energy.

Molecules will move from substances that are more concentrated to less concentrated sites, diffusion rates for different substances are affected by membrane permeability.

An example is when we realize it in our daily lives when we breathe, when we breathe air, in our body we will experience an inter-cell exchange through the diffusion process.

The alveoli are higher than the oxygen concentration in the blood capillary. Well, because of this difference in concentration and partial oxygen pressure, oxygen can diffuse from the alveolar space into the blood capillaries.

That means that oxygen from the alveoli of the lungs can spread throughout the membrane between the air sacs and capillaries, into the bloodstream.

So the best answer to the question:

Oxygen crosses a plasma membrane by passive transport

Another example of diffusion:

  • Perfume is sprayed in one part of the room, but it immediately spreads so you can smell it everywhere.
  • A drop of food coloring diffuses throughout the water in the glass so that finally, all the water in the glass will be colored.
  • When eating a cup of tea, the molecules of tea spread from the tea bag and spread to all cups of water.
  • When shaking salt into water, the salt dissolves and the ion moves until it is evenly distributed.
  • After turning on a cigarette, smoke spread to all parts of the room.

–> Oxygen crosses a plasma membrane by passive transport

And more example of diffusion:

  • After placing a drop of food coloring into the gelatin box, the color will spread to lighter colors throughout the block.
  • The carbon dioxide bubble diffuses from soda which opens, making it even.
  • If you place a withered celery stick in the water, the water will diffuse into the plant, making it strong again.
  • Water diffuses into cooked noodles, making it bigger and softer.
  • A helium balloon slowly deflates little by little every day as helium diffuses through balloons into the air, So, the more deflated balloon
  • If you place rock sugar in water, then the sugar will dissolve and evenly sweeten the water without having to stir it.

From the 11 examples above are examples like Oxygen crosses a plasma membrane.

Thank you for reading this article about the question “Oxygen crosses a plasma membrane by” Hopefully it can help.

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