Newborn breathing sounds congested

Newborn breathing sounds congested
Newborn Baby

Centerjava – newborn breathing sounds congested..! You as a parent who only has children for the first time must be worried about the breathing conditions of a newborn baby, because breathing sounds congested and fast. Actually there is nothing to worry about the breath that sounds congested.

The breath of a newborn is actually not a problem if it sounds congested once in a while; the newborns breathe sounds like that in a few weeks. So you don’t need to worry because a newborn with a congested sound can be considered normal.

Newborns have breath that sounds congested because the newborn baby is in the process of adapting to the new environment that was previously in the womb. After they are born the lungs and nose of a newborn baby will adapt to the world around it.

The breath of a newborn baby sounds congested can also be caused by the presence of mucus. A natural mechanism to get rid of mucus is not perfect, and the respiratory tract of a newborn baby has a very small size.

Mucus is very easily trapped in the respiratory tract and indeed interferes in the respiratory tract, causing sounds congested.

Newborn breathing sounds congested

Although the breath of a newborn sometimes sounds congested. It is normal, but you also have to pay attention to the development of breathing in the baby. You should also consult with a doctor or midwife who handles the birth process of your child. Is normal newborn breathing sounds congested?

So you can know the sound of breathing in a newborn is dangerous or not. To provide a little knowledge of a newborn baby that sounds congested. Sign that you can make reference to whether the baby’s voice is normal or signifies a particular disease.

Breathing sounds congested that indicates other diseases

Below this is the sound of a baby’s breath that can indicate a newborn has a certain disease as early detection, so you can be quick and responsive in handling it.

Whistling voice

If your baby’s breath sounds like a whistling sound, this indicates that there is a small blockage in the respiratory hole. Small blockages can occur due to mucus or dry milk which can make the respiratory tract shrink so that it can emit a whistling sound.

You also need to be vigilant even though the sound of a baby’s breath like a whistle is not dangerous. Whether the whistling sound comes from mucus or dry milk that clogs the newborn’s respiratory tract. Or whistling sound is wheezing which indicates asthma. People with asthma breathing also sound congested.

Baby breath sounds shrill

When a baby breathes has a high, shrill voice. The cause of the sound is a narrow baby’s respiratory tract.

Sounds like that are not dangerous, usually a newborn child will experience congested sounds with a high and shrill voice and will disappear on their own in a 2 year time.

But you also have to be vigilant, if the baby breathes like that continuously within 2 days. Please immediately take it to a specialist doctor.

Breath sounds hoarse when crying and coughing

The cause of a hoarse-sounding baby’s breath when coughing or crying is because there is a blockage of mucus in the larynx. Perhaps this is a symptom of croup is a respiratory infection in infants which makes respiratory tract unobstructed.

Bacteria or inhaling chemicals are the cause of croup. Bacteria will infect the respiratory tract which will make the newborn voice hoarse and sound congested. Usually this disease lasts for 2-3 days, if your child breathes hoarse and sounds congested for more than 1 week, call your doctor.

The breath of a newborn is fast and sounds congested with fever
Pnuemonia is one of the causes of newborn breathing fast and sounds congested. Pneumonia is inflammation that is in one or both lungs.

If a newborn baby has a collection of air sacs in the lungs that are inflamed, it will be filled with fluid, so newborns breathe quickly and congested.
In addition to newborn breath sounds short of breath, he will experience coughing up phlegm, fever, and shivering. If this condition persists in 2 days, visit your doctor to get better treatment.

Baby sounds congested when breathing and when to go to the doctor.

As we discussed above, the breath of a newborn baby sounds congested indicating a particular disease in a newborn.

But if a newborn has breath that sounds congested sometimes or does not occur continuously, we can conclude that the baby’s breathing is normal.
But if the breath of a newborn has the following characteristics, you should immediately contact a pediatrician, namely:

  • Breathe more than 60 or 70 times in 1 minute
  • The breath of the newborn sounds very tight and continues to occur, the nostrils also look wide.
  • A loud hoarse voice and a cough that looked very heavy.

If the condition of your child is as above, you should immediately contact Dr. your child specialist. So basically you have to be observant in seeing the development of your newborn baby, whether the breath sounds Congested is normal or signifies an illness.

Do not hesitate to always consult with your pediatrician, so that later you are not confused when you are at home and face problems about your child’s breathing.

Outline Newborn breathing sounds congested

The outline is that a newborn child has imperfect breathing. And has a narrow respiratory tract. He learned to adapt to the outside world of the womb. And the breath sounds that are generated or heard congested, which occur will take place in a few weeks.

The sound of a newborn baby’s breath sounds congested sometimes or not often. As explained above, you don’t need to overdo it and worry. You should be calm because this problem is common for newborns.

If the newborn has a shortness of breath due to mucus, ask your doctor to do evaporation so that mucus that clogs and disrupts the respiratory system can come out.

If the newborn has breath that sounds congested because of a bacterial infection, ask the doctor for further treatment.

Thus the article about newborn breathing sounds congested, hopefully adds to your knowledge of this breathing problem. Learn how to care for newborns on the internet so that when you give birth you are not confused and know what you have to do.


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