Is mountain dew vegan? See the explanation below

Is mountain dew vegan
Is mountain dew vegan

Is mountain dew vegan – When during the day with the sun that seemed to burn the throat, that’s when we need drinks that treat our thirst, now one of them we can drink soft drinks with soothing ice, one of which is mountain dew. After you drink, your thirst will soon disappear, but for vegans, you have to think twice before drinking this beverage, Is mountain vegan? So see below.

Is mountain dew vegan

To find out the most appropriate Is mountain vegan dew is by knowing the ingredients used in making these soft drinks, because as we know that Vegan does not eat foods sourced from animals, including products from animals, such as milk, eggs, cheese, honey, and others.

Mountain dew Content

Below is the Mountain dew Content:

  • Carbonated water
  • high fructose corn syrup
  • concentrated orange juice
  • citric acid, natural flavor
  • sodium benzoate
  • caffeine
  • sodium citrate
  • erythorbic acid
  • gum Arabic
  • calcium disodium Edta
  • brominated vegetable oil
  • yellow 5

From the list of Content of mountain dew above, all from non-animal ingredients,

so in our opinion Is mountain vegan? The answers are: true, mountain dew is vegan.

Is mountain dew vegan? Yes, mountain dew Is vegan

But there are those who question whether yellow 5 is vegan? Because food coloring is usually a dye derived from plant extracts, animals and minerals, well, we must know clearly whether mountain dew is made from plant, mineral or animal ingredients.

If indeed yellow 5 is from plant extracts, this is clear that mountain dew Is vegan, but if indeed yellow 5 is derived from animal extract, so this carbonated drink is a type of beverage that is not suitable for vegans, and it turns out yellow 5 is derived from minerals.

Yellow 5 is made from petroleum or by-products from petroleum and coal, these dyes are also used for cosmetic products, many doubts whether it includes vegan or no vegan. But keep in mind that Yellow 5 is not a derivative of animals, so yellow 5 is vegan.

But keep in mind that Yellow 5 is not a derivative of animals, so yellow 5 is vegan.

So, we decide that Is mountain is vegan, you can consume it, but what do you think? You decide for yourself. Thank you

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