I only have 28 teeth – This is the reason and cause

i only have 28 teeth
i only have 28 teeth

I only have 28 teeth

Centerjava.com – There is one question from a patient to a dental doctor like this: I only have 28 teeth, even though I am 21 years old, is it normal for teeth 28? Or should my teeth be 32? Based on these questions, let’s discuss the article on this page

I only have 28 teeth, is that normal?

To find out whether tooth growth or the number of only have 28 teeth is normal or not, we must know the cause, there are several causes only have 28 teeth, at that age, such as:

1. Tooth Impaction or growth of wisdom teeth

Because the arrangement of teeth that grow is not normal. This condition is known as tooth impaction. The teeth become bent or slanted when trying to grow, teeth have grown in an irregular position, thus blocking wisdom teeth.

2. Slanted molars

This often happens and not because of an abnormality or an illness. Therefore, a direct inspection and a panoramic photo x-ray is needed to confirm it.

3. Wisdom teeth have not yet grown

Then the last reason why you only have 28 teeth is possible because 4 wisdom teeth have not yet grown, this is the cause that often happens to you even though you are over 20 years old. To be able to find out when teeth growth and type of teething, see the explanation below:

I only have 28 teeth, see the type of teeth below:

To be able to find out when teeth growth and type of teething, see the explanation below:

1. Incisor teeth

The incisor is located at the front and serves to cut food. There are 8 Incisor teeth, with 4 teeth in the maxilla and 4 in the lower jaw.

The first incisors including milk teeth usually begin to appear in 6-month-old babies, then at the age of around 6 to 8 years, permanent incisors replace the loose baby incisors.

Incisors are teeth that are very important to support the appearance and confidence when dealing with other people. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the health of the incisors carefully. Cracked and hollow incisors can reduce your confidence.

2. Canine Teeth

The position of this tooth is located right next to the incisors and is the longest tooth in the oral cavity. Its function is to tear food, the number of Canine Teeth is 4, with 2 in each jaw, 1 on the left and 1 on the right.

Canines generally appear when babies are around 16 months to 20 months old, you who often watch vampire movies, well 2 long teeth that are called canines.

3. Premolar

Premolar or front molars grow at around 10 years of age, the front molars near the fangs are the first to appear, only then the second front molars appear about a year later.

So, adults have a total of 8 front molars, 2 in the upper left, 2 in the lower left, 2 in the upper right, and 2 in the lower right.

4. Molar

Permanent molar teeth grow behind premolars, the number of permanent molars is 12, with a division of 6 in each jaw, 3 on each right and left side. The function of molar teeth is the same as premolar.

These permanent molar teeth are most often hollow and cause complaints.

5. Wisdom teeth

As we mentioned above, this is one reason why you only have 28 teeth, maybe your wisdom teeth haven’t grown because this causes your teeth to still be 28 and not 32.

Wisdom teeth usually appear last after the other teeth grow permanently. In general, you will only feel these teeth grow around the age of 18 to 20 years.

But not everyone has wisdom teeth. In some people it does not grow at all, because these teeth grow most recently in adulthood, these wisdom teeth usually cause problems.

The problem of wisdom teeth generally occurs because the jaw does not grow anymore so there is no place for Wisdom teeth to grow.

The wisdom teeth number 4, namely on the right, top left, right bottom, and bottom left.

I only have 28 teeth, you have the answer right?

So you can conclude yourself the answer to the question “why I only have 28 teeth?”

When wisdom teeth grow, you can usually feel the symptoms of the gums becoming swollen and red, pain in the area of growth of the teeth, swollen lymph nodes in the lower jaw with pain, difficulty opening the mouth, and fever.

So, from the explanation above, for those of you who have only 28 teeth, it’s most likely that your wisdom teeth have not yet grown, but that is normal by having teeth that have a number of 28.

Thank you for reading this article entitled “why I only have 28 teeth” hopefully it can help, and don’t forget to always keep your teeth clean. Use toothpaste that does not contain hard content that can damage tooth enamel.

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