How to stop asthmatic cough naturally at home without inhaler

how to stop asthmatic cough
asthmatic cough

Centerjava – How to stop asthmatic cough correctly? We must know the characteristics of asthmatic cough. Many people don’t know that he is experiencing Asama’s cough. They often assume that their asthmatic cough is a common cough.

How to stop asthmatic cough 

Before you treat asthmatic cough, you also need to know the characteristics of asthmatic cough, following the characteristics of asthmatic cough:

Characteristics of asthmatic cough:

Breath feels heavy or wheezing.

If you experience asthmatic coughing, your breath will feel heavy. That is because there is a narrowing in the respiratory tract due to inflammation.

Unlike the common cough, common cough is not accompanied by shortness of breath or respiratory tract alone. Inflammation of the respiratory tract is caused by infection by a virus or bacterial attack.

Frequency of Coughing

The frequency of asthmatic cough is more often compared to a normal cough. Usually asthma will also experience flu, as well as the production of mucus in the throat will be more and more, if the mucus in a lot it will feel itchy, now to eliminate the itching, our nerve response is coughing.

To minimize the frequency of asthmatic cough, avoid foods that cause mucus such as fried foods and milk. Milk is good because of its nutritional content. But milk makes more and more phlegm.

Although medical has proven that milk does not worsen sore throat, and even milk can help sore throats. But it’s different when we suffer from flu, which makes the phlegm thicker and more numerous. So you should stop drinking milk while coughing with asthma accompanied by flu.

Chest feels painful

Actually, the same when you suffer from a normal cough, the chest also feels painful, asthmatic cough can also make the chest feel painful. But the pain feels more painful when you are coughing with asthma when compared to an ordinary cough.

When coughing, the respiratory tract becomes inflamed because asthma will be forced to resist the crush of air. If the frequency of coughing is more frequent, it will make the chest feel painful.

Coughing at night

The frequency of asthmatic coughing will be more frequent at night, this is because at night. Why does asthmatic cough occur more often at night? One of them is due to the influence of gravity. We will discuss how to stop an asthmatic cough at night below.

How to stop an asthmatic cough at night

Often we experience asthmatic cough that starts to intensify at night, even though doctors recommend that we have to drink plenty of water and rest a lot when we are experiencing asthmatic cough.

But when we get ready for sleep we experience a persistent cough and it seems like the faster the frequency of our asthmatic coughs.

Here are the causes of asthmatic cough that occur at night:

Earth’s gravity

An expert on infection at saints Joseph Hospital in Atlanta named Mitchell Blass said that when we will want to sleep in a position to stretch our position, the gastroesophageal reflex will be pushed into and the mucus will gather in the throat automatically. As a result of a lot of mucus that causes the throat to be very itchy and a cough arises which has a very fast frequency?

So how to stop an asthmatic cough at night due to gravity is try to sleep in a higher position by giving the headrest cancel.

Dry environment

Dry air caused by fans or air conditioners makes your asthmatic cough become worse. To overcome this you should use a room moisturizer that will set the room temperature to keep it moist.

But the room temperature is too slow too, because mold can develop in moist air, so you should regulate the humidity of your air.

And you should sleep not under the fan or air conditioner directly.

So both of these reasons are the reasons why we cough up our asthma getting worse at night, prepare your cough medicine in your medicine box such as expectorant medicine or guaifenrsin who can help me at night.

But you can make your own medicine at home from natural ingredients. In addition to being easily made herbal ingredients also have no side effects that affect your other medical conditions.

How to stop asthmatic cough naturally

After knowing the characteristics of asthmatic cough and the causes of asthmatic cough at night, we will now discuss how to stop asthmatic cough naturally. Actually there are so many asthmatic cough medicines that we can get from a pharmacy based on a doctor’s prescription. But it would be nice to try an asthmatic cough treatment using natural ingredients.

Because to stop asthmatic cough naturally, besides we easily find the ingredients needed to treat asthmatic cough, minimal natural methods with dangerous side effects that can cause other problems in our body.

We recommend you to treat asthmatic cough naturally with natural ingredients around you. Next we give several choices of asthmatic cough treatment with natural ingredients that you can try yourself at home.

Natural ingredients that you can use to asthmatic cough are:

how to stop asthmatic cough

1. Noni + Lime + lime betel for asthmatic cough

Noni has anti-bacterial substances useful for asthmatic cough that can kill germs in the throat. In addition, it can relieve itching in the throat. Therefore this fruit is believed to cure asthmatic cough.

The material you need to prepare is:

  • Noni fruit
  • Lime
  • Adequate water

How to make

  • Blend ripe noni fruit. Take the water filtered.
  • Enter noni juice into 1 cup of warm water.
  • Add 1 lime, squeezed and taken the water.
  • Then add 1 teaspoon of betel lime and stir until evenly distributed.
  • Filter the water again, and drink it twice a day.

Besides being believed to treat asthmatic cough, this herb can also help with sore throats as well.

2. Celery + Honey for asthmatic cough

How to stop asthmatic cough namely with celery, Celery contains calcium, vitamins A, B 1, B 2, B 6, and also vitamin C. This content is very useful to cure mild cough, acute cough and asthmatic cough.

Ingredients you should prepare are:

  • 30 gr celery
  • Honey
  • Enough water

How to make celery concoctions for asthmatic cough

  • Blend 30 grams of celery.
  • Add celery to the water and boil.
  • Once cooked, wait for it to cool and add the original honey.
  • Drink 2 or 3 times a day regularly.

With this herb, besides being able to stop asthmatic cough at night, it can also increase endurance and make you sleep better.

3. Ylang-ylang flowers

In addition to having a distinctive fragrant smell, Ylang-ylang flowers are an effective remedy for asthma and coughing. Ylang-ylang flowers contain farnesol, geraniol, gasoline acetate, eugenol, safrol, cadinen and pinen which have long been used as traditional medicine such as malaria, scurvy, asthma and even more can stop coughing without inhalers.

How to stop asthmatic cough naturally with Ylang-ylang flowers are as follows:

Ingredients you should prepare are:

  • Ylang-ylang flowers
  • Adequate water

How to make it for asthmatic cough

  • Take 5 Ylang-ylang flowers and dry in the sun until they look wilted
  • Wash thoroughly
  • Boil water and put Ylang-ylang flowers in the water.
  • Leave it to boil and the water changes color
  • Drink while warm.

Ylang-ylang flowers are believed to be able to stop cough in toddlers, teens and the elderly. This natural herb can be easily made at home.

Besides stopping asthmatic cough, Ylang-ylang flowers can also promote breathing and relieve pain in the chest cavity. And more over reduce phlegm which causes asthmatic cough at night.

4. Honey + Turmeric

How to stop asthmatic cough are Honey + Turmeric. As with celery, turmeric, besides being able to stop asthmatic cough can also make you sleep better.

Ingredients you should prepare are:

  • Turmeric
  • Honey
  • Adequate water

How to make it for asthmatic cough

  • Blend the cleaned turmeric and take the water
  • Add turmeric water to a glass of warm water.
  • Add 3 tablespoons of honey and stir until evenly distributed
  • Drink 2 or 3 times a day regularly.

This herb has been proven effective for cough in toddler and adolescent to stop asthma, because it facilitates the discharge of phlegm in the respiratory tract.

Note: do not drink water shortly after drinking this warm turmeric, because water can inhibit the activity of compounds from turmeric.

5. Ginger + Honey

Ingredients you should prepare are:

  • Ginger
  • Honey
  • Adequate water

How to make it for asthmatic cough

  • Grate 3 for the ginger thumb and squeeze the juice
  • Add 3 spoon honeys
  • Drink this herb when you cough up asthma

This herb can stop asthma cough in toddler, warms the body and can reduce inflammation in the respiratory tract and thin the phlegm.

Thank you for reading an article how to stop asthmatic cough, hopefully helping and reading other articles like breakfast for sore throat on this blog. Please share,, critics and suggestions in the comments column.


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