How to get rid of lizards permanently at home in 7 easy ways

How to get rid of lizards permanently at home
How to get rid of lizards permanently at home

How to get rid of lizards permanently at home in 7 easy ways

Centerjava.comActually lizard does not include animals that disturbing, but the presence of the lizard around the house often makes us upset, and sometimes also for some people feel disgusted. Especially if we often have food or drinks at the dining table, and it turns out that the lizard is in the food, surely you will immediately drive it away, so below How to get rid of lizards permanently at home in 7 easy ways

How to get rid of lizards permanently at home in 7 easy ways

By doing 7 tips on how to effectively get rid of lizards at home below, hopefully, your house is free of lizards that make you annoyed, ok guys let’s look at the following ways:

1. Exterminate insects at home

As we know that lizards like to eat insects, lizards will feel happy if your house has many insects, especially mosquitoes. I am sure if your house has many mosquitoes, surely the lizard that inhabits your house will have a fat body.

Likewise, if there are not many insects in your house, they will always starve, then the lizard will also go away on their own, they will go to a place with lots of insects.

2. Clean under the table, the bed at home

Underwater or a narrow place in every corner of your house is a favorite place for lizards, usually, mosquitoes are also happy in a narrow and dirty place, therefore lizards will make it a favorite hiding place for them.

If you minimize a narrow place, or you are diligent in cleaning under the table or under the bed, I’m sure the lizard will leave your house.

3. Always cover food at the table

In addition to mosquitoes, lizards also make your food on the dining table, become their food, and imagine if the lizard saliva mixes with food and drink, besides being dirty, lizard saliva can also be a source of disease.

Therefore, if you have leftovers, or have food on the dining table, try to close it tightly.

4. How to get rid of lizards permanently at home with the smell of tobacco

It turns out that tobacco can also be used as an effective way to repel lizards at home; lizards hate the smell of tobacco. Try putting tobacco in a plastic bag and then tie it, stick it with nails or other equipment to make a few holes so that the smell of tobacco comes out. After that, place the tobacco in a strategic place which is usually filled with lots of lizards.

5. Cold air

Ever thought of it? as we know lizards are rarely in air-conditioned rooms because indeed lizards don’t like cold air, so if there is a lizard in your room, try to turn on the air conditioner cooler for a few days so that the lizard will go away on its own.

6. with eggshells to get rid of lizards

Do not immediately throw the eggshell into the trash after you fry the egg, it turns out you can also use the eggshell to repel the lizard.

Why is the eggshell also a powerful way to permanently repel lizards at home? It turns out that Lizards are very unhappy with the smell of raw eggs. Well, you can get rid of it by breaking the eggshell into small pieces and then place it near the door or window until the lizard really gives up visiting your home.

7. Garlic to repel Lizards at home

It’s not just the smell of tobacco that is avoided by lizards, it turns out that Lizard also will not stand the smell of garlic, for that put a few cloves of garlic around the house, especially in a narrow place or underwater is a powerful way to repel lizards at home

Or you can also make garlic juice spray, this method will be more effective and will have an immediate impact, and the lizard immediately leaves your house without killing them

Well, you can do the above 7 ways to get the lizard to leave your house immediately, hopefully, this article entitled How to get rid of lizards permanently at home in 7 easy ways can help you drive away annoying lizards. Good luck

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