How to get aquaphor out of clothes, Here the simple ways

How to get aquaphor out of clothes
How to get aquaphor out of clothes

How to get aquaphor out of clothes – When you use an ointment to treat wounds or for beauty treatments such as using Vaseline, but accidentally stick to the clothes you like, maybe you are confused because aquaphor is having an oil content that as we know it will be difficult to remove from our clothes.

Well, for those of you who experience something that is not good and want to find how to get Aquaphor out of clothes? You can continue reading the article below.

How to get aquaphor out of clothes

Aquaphor attached to the clothes is difficult to remove by washing in the usual way, it needs special treatment so that the stain from the Aquaphor is gone, and your clothes are clean again and free from aquaphor stains, and fortunately there are many ways you can do to get Aquaphor out of clothes.

To remove aquaphor stains from your clothes, the difficulty level is different. If you have a new aquaphor stain, and then immediately clean it quickly and in the right way, maybe you do not need a harder effort, different if the aquaphor stain is dry, it will certainly be difficult to remove.

So here how to get aquaphor out of clothes

There are several ways to get aquaphor out of clothes that you can do, the point is before you wash your clothes as usual, try to remove the stain from the aquaphor, so the stain marks on the clothes don’t stick and are even harder to remove, so here how to get aquaphor out of clothes, that is:

By using baby powder

  • Take a tissue to help remove aquaphor stains from the clothes
  • Cover aquaphor stains with baby powder, and allow about 10 to 15 minutes
  • Take a spoon; use it to rub the stain of the aquaphor. Do it slowly, besides not making clothes damaged, also preventing baby powder from spreading throughout the clothes
  • Clean clothes from baby powder
  • Put a little water and dish soap on the aquaphor stain
  • Use a brush to clean aquafor stains from outside and inside the clothes
  • Then rinse with water to get rid of soap
  • Wash clothes as usual with. Washing machine, you should separate clothes that are affected by aquaphor stains with other clothes.

Dishwashing soap

  • Prepare a small bowl or dipper water
  • Add water and add enough dishwashing soap
  • Add clothes that are affected by aquaphor stains. Dip only on the affected part.
  • Soak a few minutes then clean by binding
  • Then repeat several times until the aquaphor stain is not visible
  • Wash clothes using a washing machine As usual.

With stain remover fluid

  • Spray stain remover liquid on aquaphoric clothing.
  • Let stand for about 15 minutes
  • Cook water until boiling
  • Lift the pot if it has boiled, Hot water can describe stubborn stains like Aquaphor
  • Sprinkle hot water on the stain directly, find a safe way to protect us from hot water
  • Try to pour hot water as high as possible.
  • Then wash as usual

By using WD 40

Besides using the three methods above, it turns out that WD 40 can also be used to eliminate aquaphor, that is

  • Spray Wd 40 on clothes affected by aquaphor stains
  • then Let stand for 20-30 minutes
  • After that, soak the clothes in hot water
  • Wash clothes as usual, separate with other clothes when washing.

Those are 4 ways you can clean up aquaphor stains, choose one of the methods above to eliminate aquaphor by considering the materials available in your home

Thank you for reading the article entitled How to get Aquaphor out of clothes, hopefully it can help.

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