How long does it take to make a retainer?

How long does it take to make a retainer?
How long does it take to make a retainer?

How long does it take to make a retainer? – Sometimes your teeth that are not neatly arranged make your appearance become unsightly so that it makes you not confident, for that you are trying to make it neat using braces which of course requires a long time even up to 2 years. After your teeth are neat and are allowed to remove the braces, the next step is to install the retainer so that your teeth do not return to their original position. At least you will use a 4-6 month retainer to get a permanent tooth arrangement. Then how long does it take to make a retainer?

How long does it take to make a retainer?

Actually, there are already many retainers ready to use. But it must also be considered the arrangement of teeth and the type of your teeth. A person’s experience is different.

You can actually use a retainer after a day of removing braces. But sometimes people also choose the type of retainer that is most suitable for them.

So, the doctor must prepare a retainer and it takes between 1 to 2 weeks to make it. And 1 more time to make a retainer depends also on the type of retainer.

So, how long does it take to make a retainer with a certain type?

Turns retainer has several types and is classified by its manufacture materials. So you can choose the most suitable retainer and certainly have a good future effect so that your teeth are kept neat.

The duration of retainer preparation also depends on the type of retainer you are using, there are several retainers that you can choose or retainer that is recommended by your dentist.

Types of retainer

1. Removable retainer

Based on the material for making the retainer it is divided into 2 namely Hawley retainer and plastic retainer.

The retainer may be popular because one type of retainer that you often find is a removable retainer. By using this retainer, you can release it when you want to eat to make it more comfortable chewing. The advantage of using this retainer is that you can clean it easily by removing it first.

But it turns out there are also disadvantages if you want to use this retainer, a higher awareness is needed to use a retainer model that can be released.

Here are other disadvantages when choosing a removable retainer, namely:

  • Easy to lose if not stored properly
  • Easily damaged if left lying, because it is easily crushed by other objects or falls repeatedly
  • Using this type of retainer can cause excessive production of saliva.
  • Bacteria are more prone to grow on it because the retainer will often come in and out of the mouth

But most of the problems you need to fear and often occur are by removing the dental retainer, you will feel more comfortable. And this habit makes you accustomed to and too long to let go of the dental retainer. And sometimes even forget to put back the retainer on your teeth. From these habits can trigger the shift of your teeth back into shape.

2. Permanent retainer

It is possible to prepare a permanent retainer for longer than using a removable retainer because a permanent retainer must be tried really comfortably in your mouth.

A permanent retainer consists of solid wire braided curved to fit the shape of your teeth. This retainer is also called a lingual wire or bonded retainer. This type of retainer cannot be released by yourself except by your dentist.

In contrast to Removable retainer, a recurrence or problem with teeth that will return to the initial position will be smaller if this permanent retainer is used. Because, this retainer will not be removed by its use, and will always stick to the teeth and maintain the position of the teeth.

Now, with these 2 types of retainers, you can have an idea including which type is suitable for you. If you are a forgetful person or easily overlook something, maybe a removable tooth retainer is not the best for you.

Types of dental retainer based material manufacture.

As we know above, the Retainer consists of a permanent retainer and a Removable retainer. Removable retainer consists of two types if distinguished by its maker material, namely Hawley retainer and the plastic retainer.

Hawley retainer

The Hawley is also called a wire retainer. Even though it is from wire, this retainer can still be removed by itself. In addition to wire, this type of retainer also has mixtures such as plastic and acrylic.

The advantages :

  • Retainer can be adjusted in more detail or better with the position of the teeth than other types of retainer
  • Stronger and not easily damaged, and if proper care, this retainer can last for years if properly treated

The disadvantages :

  • The use of this type of dental retainer slightly affects your ability to speak because there is a foreign object in the mouth
  • The wire can irritate the lips and cheeks so it needs proper prevention.

Today, Hawley retainer is also available, which has transparent wire. This can be an option for those who don’t want a colored wire.

Plastic retainer

This retainer includes a removable retainer, or we often call it vacuum or thermoplastic retainer.

This retainer is made to fit the new position of your teeth after using braces. So to make this retainer is longer than other types of retainer. How long does it take to make a plastic retainer? To make a plastic retainer to fit the teeth, and more comfortable, at least it takes a week or 7 days after checking the condition and arrangement of your teeth.

Over time, and a positive review of plastic type retainer turned out to be increasingly popular and beat Hawley retainer. But all products must have advantages and disadvantages as below.

Advantages :

  • More confident because this retainer is transparent, you don’t see a retainer if you use a plastic retainer.
  • This retainer usually feels more comfortable than the Hawley type because the material is not too thick

The use of this retainer does not significantly affect your speaking conditions

The disadvantages:

  • If this type of retainer is damaged, for example, broken or cracked, it cannot be repaired, it must be replaced completely, different from the Hawley type.
  • Can be curved if exposed to heat
  • If the treatment is not correct and the color is transparent, it becomes dull, Transparent colors can change if they are used more often so that it looks if the dirtier it will look.

Thus the article about how long does it take to make a retainer, hopefully, it can help you to be able to choose the right type of retainer that you will use so that your teeth will be well maintained. Thank you.

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