How Long Does Chicken Pox Last? Symptom?

how long does chicken pox last
how long does chicken pox last

How long does chicken pox last? – How long does chicken pox last? Varicella or known as Chicken Pox is the most common infection that will cause small itchy rash but fill with fluid blisters. This is contagious to people especially for those who have not experienced it in their life or got vaccinated against the infection. Mostly, people will be infected by the time they got adulthood but some might get more serious complications. How long does chicken pox last? You have to read this article to know how you can be free from this disease.

How Long Does Chicken Pox Last

Mostly, children experience it but the scars will be gone as they grow adult. For some people, chicken pox are not dangerous at all and it is considered as the mild disease. However, it is better for you to get vaccine of it. The vaccine will make you safe and it can prevent the disease with other complications coming. To know how long does chicken pox last, you need to know the symptoms and count the days you get it first. Mostly, the infection will appear about 10 to 21 days after being exposure to the virus and it will last for 5 to 10 days.

How Long Does Chicken Pox Last Until The Rash Comes Out

Your skin will be full with a rash of chicken pox. However, other symptoms and signs will appear in 1 to 2 days. Before the rash coming such as malaise or being unwell generally and tiredness, headache, appetite loss, and fever. Meanwhile, when the rash starts appearing, it will be divided into 3 phases such as:

  • Papules which are red bumps or raised pink bumps. This condition will break out more than several days.
  • Vesicles which are small blisters with fluid inside and those are formed from raised bumps more than 1 day before leaking and breaking
  • Scabs and crusts that will cover the blisters which are broken and you need some days again until those are healed completely.

During several days after infection and rash, new bumps will appear until several days and the result is, you can get those 3 phases at the same time on day 2 of the rash. Once you get infected. You can spread the virus until 48 hours or 2 days before the rash starts appearing and you will remain contagious until the spots are broken. Basically, chicken pox is also mild in children who are considered healthy. However in some cases, the rash can cover the entire body and in the throat, there will be lesions.

How Long Does Chicken Pox Last

Lesions will not only form in throat only but also in mucuos membranes such as vagina, anus, urethra and the last, eyes. During several days, the new spots will begin to appear. If you think your children have the symptoms of chicken pox, don’t wait until the rash come out all. If you don’t want your children have scars, then you must take them to doctors as soon as possible. The chicken pox can be diagnosed and detected by examining the rash. The doctor will examine the symptoms too.

The doctor can prescribe the medical treatment to reduce the severity. If the rash has already spread to both or only one eye, you need to take them to doctors. How long does chicken pox last? It depends on how fast you deal and treat it better. Don’t wait until it get worse because the complication might come behind along with the rash.


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