How long is chickenpox contagious? Learn this..!!

how long is chickenpox contagious
how long is chickenpox contagious – How long is chickenpox contagious? If we are close to someone who is suffering from chickenpox, will sometimes ask how long is chickenpox contagious? Because we are definitely afraid that chickenpox will spread to us if we are near it, or instead we are caring for a child who has chicken pox.

Therefore you have come to this article about how long is chickenpox contagious? You can make this article as an additional knowledge about chickenpox and you can make it a reference so that you are confident to care for your child who is exposed to chickenpox by not contagious it.

Besides we will discuss about how long is chickenpox contagious? We will also give tips so that you are not easily contagious by chickenpox when you are near people who have chickenpox or when you are caring for someone who is suffering from chickenpox.

When we suffer from chickenpox, we should stay at home for 7 to 10 days. Because chickenpox is a viral disease, then chickenpox will heal by itself. So for your child, who is in school, try to get permission not to go to school at least 5 days after your child has chickenpox.

How long is chickenpox contagious?

So how long is chickenpox contagious? Chickenpox is very easy to spread, in a closed room it is easily contagious, especially in an open room, will contagious very easily through the air when we sneeze or through the saliva of people who are suffering from chickenpox.

Chickenpox starts to spread in 1-2 days before chickenpox wounds appear, which is when the patient feels dizzy, nauseous and feels his body ache.
This transmission process will last until wounds or red spots on the skin still appear. Or in other words, the longest process of transmitting chickenpox is around 1 week. Healing from chickenpox depends on the patient’s immune system itself.

When is chicken pox no longer contagious?

When is chicken pox no longer contagious? If the red spots on the skin no longer appear, and the spots have begun to dry out all. You can be sure that chickenpox will heal soon and not contagious anymore.
People with chickenpox in adults will take longer. Because the body’s immune power is susceptible to falls due to more activities such as work, and more adults than young children.

So for those of you, if you are experiencing chickenpox, you should rest completely, permission does not enter work and calm your mind. That way the body’s immune power will increase, and chickenpox will heal soon.

People who easily contagious chickenpox

As we have seen, chickenpox is easily contagious through air and saliva. Below are people who are easily contagious by chicken pox.

The body’s immune system is weak.

And chickenpox can easily contagious to people who have a weak body immune system. So if you have a drop condition you should stay away from people who are suffering from chickenpox.

You should be able to maintain the condition of your body. Boost your immune system, by implementing a healthy lifestyle. Not only chickenpox, but other diseases also will not easily spread to us if our body is fit.

Not getting the chickenpox vaccine yet.

Chickenpox can be contagious easily to people who have not received the chickenpox vaccine. To prevent this you should give the chickenpox vaccine to your child at 12 months of age, and for the second chickenpox vaccine, which is at 4-6 years of age.

In fact, people who have been given a chickenpox vaccine can also contract chickenpox. But the condition is different from people who have never received a chickenpox vaccine.

People who have never received a chickenpox vaccine are more easily infected and the healing of chickenpox will last longer. While for people who have had a chickenpox vaccine, it’s not easy to get infected with chickenpox and healing will be faster.

Pregnant mother

Pregnant women are also easily contagious by chickenpox. Because the condition of pregnant women is also weak, so also the body’s immune system is also weak.

It should be noted that if pregnant women contract chickenpox, it will also affect the fetus in the womb. So you should consult your doctor, if you catch chickenpox in a state of pregnancy.

If you have a new age of 1-3 months or the first trimester, it can cause congenital varicella syndrome, which is a birth defect that can include the head, eyes, body weight, and mental retardation, but if chickenpox in the third trimester, the risk of varicella pneumonia. And the infection will threaten the baby’s lungs, or the baby will also experience chickenpox.

HIV sufferers

HIV sufferers are very easily contagious with chickenpox. As we know that people with HIV have a weak immune system. In some cases, chickenpox can occur more than once. But in general, someone who has had chickenpox, it will not contagious chickenpox again because antibodies have been formed in the body for chickenpox.

Tips for not easily contagious the chickenpox virus

The chickenpox virus is very contagious. This virus can be a very dangerous virus that can cause death. So you have to be careful when dealing with people who are suffering from chickenpox.

Especially for those of you who have never received chickenpox vaccination, which in your body there are no antibodies for chickenpox. You must be super careful when you are near a person with chickenpox.

The following are ways that you can do to protect you from contracting chickenpox:

Protect yourself from droplet transmissions

Protect your Chickenpox virus contagious through contact with patients. Touch skin or touch clothes on people with chickenpox. The chickenpox virus can contagious when the patient sneezes, or saliva comes out when he speaks.

To protect the contagious of chickenpox above, try to always wear a mask while you are near a chicken pox sufferer. Always use a new mask to keep it clean. Wear gloves to avoid direct contact with the skin. You should also keep a distance. You know the safe distance to protect yourself and your child self from droplet transmissions.

Wash hands before and after touching a person with chickenpox.

If you visit your friend who is suffering from chickenpox, it is unethical if you are not shaking hands as a symbol of your friendship.
You should always wash your hands, especially if after touching the hands of people with chickenpox. Use antiseptic soap and use warm water and don’t forget to dry it with a clean towel.

Thus the article entitled how long is chickenpox contagious? Hopefully, it will increase your knowledge about chickenpox.


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