How do you park a computer? – here the safest way

How do you park a computer
How do you park a computer

How do you park a computer? – In contrast to modern times, today if we are going to send computers to other places it is not complicated, just send and the computer is in good condition. Unlike the old days, if we want to move the computer, we need special treatment so that the condition of the computer is still good and the most important thing is the data in the hard disk is not damaged. For that you have to park your computer’s hard disk, so how do you park a computer?

What is the computer park?

Park is the process of lifting the hard drive head from the disk plate so that the stored data is undamaged and safe. Park computers are done manually, different from what is now automatic. Modern hard drives can automatically put themselves in a safe position.

How do you park a computer?

To do a park computer please see the video below:

Well, from the video above you know what you have to do for a computer park so that your hard drive is safe and not damaged during the trip or the shipping process.

But one of the important things you must do before park computers are: you have to back up the stored data because after all your data is very important if something goes wrong.

How do you park a computer?

First, you have to do is back up all data

Be careful when carrying the hard disk

Because of hardware, the first thing that can damage your hard disk is physical damage, scratched just a little on the disk on the hard disk, can eliminate the stored data. And the hard disk is very vulnerable to damage because there are several components that move.

Bring your hard disk carefully, especially the internal hard disk intended for Desktop PCs, because hard drives for Desktop PCs are not designed to be carried too often. The hard drive of the model is indeed designed to stay in the same place continuously.

Unlike the hard disk for notebooks that are designed to be carried anywhere. Even so, you also have to be careful. If your laptop falls, your hard disk can be damaged.

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