Does ice cream help a sore throat? find the answers here..!?

does ice cream help a sore throat – Does ice cream help a sore throat? This question is very contrary to the statement when we were children. We used to be forbidden by our parents that not to eat ice cream because it can cause coughing. It does seem right and makes sense. Even now there are still many parents who forbid their children from eating ice cream so that their children do not get sick or cough.

Then what about the question that does ice cream help a sore throat? Is that true? Is it not contrary to statements often said by parents to us? Let we discuss below the article about Does ice cream help a sore throat?

Does ice cream help a sore throat?

So, Does ice cream help a sore throat?? The answer is correct that ice cream can help a sore throat.

So our assumption so far is not true that ice cream can make us cough. Health experts even argue that ice cream will not have a detrimental effect that causes coughing.

And how can it be that ice cream can help sore throats?

As we have felt that experiencing a sore throat makes us very uncomfortable. Our throat feels itchy and dry, sometimes there is even a sore feeling in the throat. Medical research says that pain in the throat is caused by a virus.

To help with sore throats caused by viruses, we should not directly consume drugs that have side effects for our body. Therefore if you feel a sore throat that is not too severe, you can treat sore throats in a natural way without drugs. You can eat warm foods and drinks such as warm tea or tasty and warm chicken soup.

Actually we not only can use warm drinks to cure sore throats, cold drinks can also cure sore throats like ice cream. But most people believe that only warm food and drinks can help sore throats, and conversely cold foods and drinks like ice cream are thought to give a more severe sore throat.

In fact, according to health experts, ice cream can reduce pain while making the throat feel more comfortable and cool. With a note, we do not eat ice cream too much and choose ice cream with the right ingredients and ice cream with good quality.


Why does ice cream help sore throats?

James Steckelberg, consultant in the division of infectious diseases, and professor of medicine at Mayo Medical School in Rochester, Minnesota, who first suggested ice cream can help with sore throats. Drinking milk does not cause the body to produce more phlegm when sick. And ice cream is one product that uses milk as its ingredients.

He suggested that someone who had coughs and sore throats to drink or eat a variety of products made from milk, such as ice cream and pudding. Ice cream or pudding can help a sore throat and provide the calories needed by the body when the child does not want to eat.

If after eating ice cream and it turns out that our a sore throat is even more severe, other problems arise such as inflammation of the sinuses or ear infections. Most likely we have milk allergies.

But in some people, milk in ice cream can cause mucus produced in the respiratory tract to become thicker. If we experience coughing up phlegm, you can choose ice cream that does not contain milk. You should consume ice cream made from fruits. The ice cream is rich in vitamin C also can help sore throats.

Ice cream containing shavings of nuts or wafers can irritate or make your throat more painful. So avoid ice cream made from these bad ingredients.

Consumption of excess ice cream is not recommended for children, so you must pay attention to the amount of ice cream that you give to your child.

Ice cream if it contains 10% milk fat can be said that ice cream has good quality. Even premium quality ice cream usually contains 13-17% milk fat. This milk fat makes the texture soft.


does ice cream help a sore throat

Benefits of ice cream for our health

Besides being able to help a sore throats, it turns out ice cream also provides good benefits for our body.

Here are 7 benefits of ice cream that is useful for our health:

1. Calcium content

How can ice cream have a lot of calcium? As we have seen above, milk is one of the main ingredients in making ice cream.

As we already know that milk is one of the many sources of calcium. Calcium does have many benefits, and one of them is for bone growth.

In addition, milk is also rich in nutrients that are very good for energy in the body, so the ice cream that you consume will increase energy and help your bones grow. So this is why ice cream has benefits for your health and can help with sore throats.

2. Ice cream protect our teeth and gums

As above, that ice cream made from milk, milk containing lots of calcium will also help you to protect your teeth and gums to stay strong.

So that the teeth are not easily porous, especially with our bad habits, when eating hot foods and then moving to cold drinks will certainly make the teeth become porous and quickly perforated.

Well, by consuming ice cream in addition to delicious it can also help you not easily cause tooth loss and cavities.

3. Ice cream can reduce inflammation

Besides milk, chocolate is also one of the ingredients for making ice cream. Chocolate can also help to maintain health because of its benefits in reducing inflammation of the heart arteries.

Dark chocolate has benefits because the content of flavonoid in chocolate can protect the heart arteries from fatigue.

4. ice cream contains lots of Vitamins

In a spoonful of ice cream there are lots of vitamins A, D, K and B 12.

As we know that vitamins are very useful for our health, including:

  • A : Play a role in maintaining eye health
  • D : Useful to absorb all the calcium and nutrients you get from food and store it in the kidneys
  • K : Helps increase blood flow in the body and will open up clogged blood cells
  • B 12 : Strengthens our memory, because vitamin B 12 helps in improving our nerve abilities
5. Weight loss problem

Actually consuming healthy ice cream will make you lose weight faster. Because consuming something cold will increase your body temperature and will burn fat and calories in your body.

So the statement about eating ice cream can increase your weight, from now on it must be removed, because the ice cream is really tasty and healthy.

6. Contains Protein

In addition to calcium and vitamins, ice cream also contains active protein, a protein that can adequately help the body’s immunity so it is not susceptible to disease and rebuild or repair your muscle tissue.

7. Ice cream has a low fat content

Ice cream is made from low-fat milk ingredients, so for those of you who like to eat ice cream, you don’t need to be afraid to have excess fat or increase weight.


The myths of eating ice cream to eliminate

Here are the myths that have been circulating so far in our environment:

Eat ice cream causes cough

During this myth circulating that ice cream causes coughing, but as we’ve discussed that the ice cream does not cause coughing. The actual cause of the cough is not ice cream that we consume.

But when we cough after eating ice-cream and other cold beverages, possible temperature changes that suddenly that cause a sore throat or cough, then we eat very cold ice. As a result due to sudden temperature changes causing respiratory tract so irritated skin

However, the ice cream could have been causing coughs if ice cream has a bad content, such as content of ice cream from milk and cream non-pasteurized, then in unhygienic conditions, or ice-cream is sold without a pack. So ice cream with bad quality is indeed can cause coughing and make sore throat is getting worse.

But believe me that, ice cream made from that Nice will not make us become sick, even ice cream can help a sore throat and fulfill the needs of vitamins, protein and calcium because it is made from milk. So still dubious questions that do ice cream help a sore throat?

The flu should not eat ice cream

Often we get yelled at by parents if we are sick of the flu should not eat ice cream, this is due to that the ice cream can cause the flu. It turns out that myths are wrong, based on research that the flu actually caused a bacterial infection or virus. So the ice cream is not the cause of colds or sore throats.

Even if you have a sore throat due to virus infection, the ice cream will help relieve a sore throat than other foods. Even the ice cream is a good source of energy, as long as the ice cream using a quality ingredient. So Does ice cream help a sore throat? The answer is “Yes”.

Eating ice cream makes Tubby

A myth circulating that ice cream makes us fat, it does have a point, too, because the ice cream is in the manufacturing process using bad ingredients, as it contains high calories. Calories obtained from basic ingredients of making ice cream, such as sugar, egg yolks, milk, and cream.

Perhaps type of ice cream could make us fat and unhealthy in consumption. But conversely, if ice cream in  manufacturing process is not excessive in using sugar, eggs, or topping, or use low-fat milk, ice cream will not make you fat. So you have to be smart to choose a good quality ice cream. Usually ice cream that has the famous brand has a good production quality.

So this is articles about Does ice cream help a sore throat? And after read this article may help you in understanding that the ice cream is not the cause of a sore throat. If there are suggestions, help written in the comments, thanks