Cold Got Better Then Worse, The Sign of Secondary Infection

Cold got better then worse
Cold got better then worse

Cold got better then worse – In some condition, people will think their cold is just an ordinary cold and it can be better in several days after taking medicine. However, some people might think their cold got better then worse again in a certain condition. This situation can lead to very dangerous disease because cold is the beginning of some chronic illnesses. That is why you should not underestimate anything and you need to discover the symptoms so you can get the proper treatment.

Cold Got Better then Worse Will Lead to The Dangerous Diseases

When you get cold, most people will not see the doctors because they believe if it can go away in several days only. They just take the cold medicine but they don’t realize if cold got better then worse is different from an ordinary cold. For several ailments, the ordinary ways are not enough to cure a cold. People will go to doctors when they know if the disease gets serious. However, what you don’t know is several serious illnesses come from the minor things. That is why you need to know the condition.

David Weitzman, MD who is the physician of urgent care in North Carolina as well as the American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine’s board member said that most serious diseases start out as the colds. If you want to get better medical treatment, it is better to distinguish between ordinary cold and also the “serious” cold that will lead to chronic problems. If you think the cold is better than before, you might stop taking medicine. However, the cold can get worse at any time than before.

This condition starts with the regular cold only and after several days, you may feel better than before. However, after that, you feel dropped again and you may feel faint. In this condition, you will start thinking that your body is wrong and something is not right about your cold. Probably, most people will blame on the medicine but it is not right. Your body comes down with another serious problem which is the secondary infection. Previous primary infections have dominated and weakened your immune system

Why Cold Got Better then Worse?

While the immune system is weak, other germs will take advantage of the body. The germs will lower the immunity. This will lead to something serious and you need to be ready to get a long illness or multiple illnesses. The secondary infection may include some serious diseases related to the cold such as pneumonia, bronchitis, and sinusitis. The secondary infection will make you sick longer. If ordinary cold can last for several days only, the secondary infection can last for weeks.

If the cold lasts for more than 2 weeks and it doesn’t have any sign of getting better, then you need to see the doctors soon. Perhaps, your cold is different and it can be seen from the color of mucus coming out from your nose. If the mucus is white and yellow, then it can be considered as ordinary cold. Meanwhile, if the cold got better then worse and the mucus is green, this is not an ordinary cold at all. Green mucus is actually the sign of infection and you need to check the body out to know the disease.

Always take care of your health before the disease attacks you, use natural remedies such as essential oil, lemon, and apple cider vinegar. prevention is better than cure


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