Child wheezing when to call doctor – Here the explanation

child wheezing when to call doctor
child wheezing when to call doctor

Centerjava – The question is when to call the doctor when a child is wheezing? This question is what we often experience as parents, when our children wheezing. As parents, we must have sufficient knowledge about wheezing so that we can make the right decisions for our children who are wheezing.

If you have knowledge about wheezing, you can make a decision whether just to be treated at home? Or do you have to call a doctor when your child is wheezing. In this article, besides discussing Child wheezing when to call doctor will also discuss what causes wheezing and how to deal with it.

Child wheezing when to call doctor

Below is the condition of wheezing in your child to immediately call a doctor:

  • The first child to experience wheezing
  • Wheezing that often recurs.
  • Occurs after being bitten by a bee or another animal.
  • Appears after consuming certain drugs or foods.
  • With severe shortness of breath
  • Wheezing occurs after choking on food or toys.

You should more care and be aware of your child’s wheezing;since wheezing is a sign that occur in the respiratory tract is impaired.Wheezing can be a respiratory failure that can cause death. So if there is wheezing like the characteristics above, you should immediately call a doctor.

You should not underestimate children wheezing if:

  • Wheezing is accompanied by shortness of breath to suffocation. Such wheezing may be a sign of severe asthma or a severe allergic reaction.
  • Wheezing accompanied by dizziness, coughing up blood,shortness of breath accompanied by severe pain in the chest; this is a symptom of pulmonary embolism.
  • Wheezing accompanied by a fever of 38 degrees Celsius or more, this is a symptom of infection, such as pneumonia or acute bronchitis.
  • Wheezing with skin and lips appear bluish (cyanosis). This condition indicates the oxygen level in the blood decreases due to severe breathing disorders.

How to stop wheezing

After you know when you should call a doctor when your child is wheezing? Below is a first aid kit for children wheezing before you meet your doctor.

Essential oil

Essential oils can be used as help for children when wheezing, there are many essential oils that you can find such as clove oil,mint leaf oil, eucalyptus oil or lavender oil. With one of these essential oils, you can give first aid to your child who is wheezing.

For clove oil and paper mint the way is to apply essential oil to the child’s chest, and let the child breathe for 15 to 20 minutes. In this way the chest will feel warm and respiratory tract will feel relieved. Your child will be easier to breathe so that wheezing will heal.

Then for lavender oil and eucalyptus oil, add two or three drops of oil into a basin containing hot water, then position your child on the basin, let your child breathe vapors mixed with lavender oil or eucalyptus oil.

In this way, your child’s respiratory tract will feel more relieved, and wheezing will disappear.

But you have to be careful, don’t let your child’s face touch the hot water; try to keep your child’s eyes closed so there is no irritation in the child’s eyes.

Take a warm bath

In addition to using essential oils for wheezing children, you can give help to wheezing children by bathing with warm water.

Or if the condition of wheezing occurs at night, you should use a towel with warm water attached to your child’s chest. In this way you don’t have to bother bathing your child at night. As we know that warm water can make your child’s body more comfortable.

Avoid cigarette smoke

Keep your child in cigarette smoke, as we know that passive smoking is more dangerous than active smokers.

Cigarette smoke really triggers wheezing in children, so try to avoid your child or away from smokers.

Comfortable environment

Place your child in a comfortable room, use a humidifier that will optimally regulate humidity for your environment, because the environment is very influential.

With a comfortable environment, it will help the child wheezing by loosening the respiratory tract.

Do one of the four ways above for first aid for wheezing, before the doctor comes to give help to the child wheezing.

Wheezing causes

child wheezing when to call doctor

There are many causes that make a child’s trigger become wheezing, including:


We have to keep away the items that make allergies to our children, such as dust, baby powder or other items that interfere with the respiratory tract in children.

Babies cannot clean their own throat and nose. If your baby breathes dust or baby powder, it will trigger an immune response to produce phlegm in your child.

If phlegm collects in the throat or in the respiratory tract it will make it clogged, which causes wheezing in children.

So try to avoid children inhaling directly dust or baby powder, especially when after bathing your child and dressing your child. In this condition, avoid drinking milk so as not to make the phlegm worse.


A sign when a child is exposed to bronchiolitis is a child wheezing with rapid breathing accompanied by a high fever. Bronchiolit is is an infection of the lower respiratory tract (lung) caused by a virus that attacks the RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), which is a small respiratory tract called the swollen bronchiole. The initial symptoms are characterized by runny nose, coughing, difficulty breathing, and eventually the child wheezing.

Regardless of the level of severity, you should treat this disease by calling a doctor, because this disease can threaten the lives of children. Usually this disease attacks newborn children up to the age of 24 months.This condition is common especially during cold weather

You must be super careful about your child’s eating and sleeping patterns. The child will be given oxygen assistance during treatment,or given a nebulizer or inhaler.

2. Common cold

Wheezing in children can also be caused by the common cold; the characteristics of the common cold are nasal congestion, runny nose, coughing, wheezing and fever with a temperature of around 37 degrees Celsius.

If the condition of the child is like that, you do not have to worry too much because the child will experience a cold like that in the first 2 years.

If your child’s fever is more than 39, you should be prepared to call a doctor. But if the fever is still 37 degrees, you should avoid taking hot medicines and cold medicines, because we will train the immune system to work. Common cold in children will generally heal within 2 weeks.

But if your child has experience for more than 2 weeks, you should contact your doctor.

3. Asthma

Asthma in children is difficult to detect because the symptoms are similar to those of other diseases. But if the child has a sensitive respiratory tract, the child will be more prone to asthma. Like allergies to dust or baby powder, which will cause asthmatic cough and wheezing.

But wheezing in children does not always mean that children have asthma, because about 25% of newborns can experience wheezing and colds that are not asthma. Give an inhaler or nebulizer to the child wheezing, and if the wheezing occurs continuously, you should know when to call a doctor.


(GERD or Gastroesophageal reflux disease is stomach acid rising back towards the esophagus and causing burning sensation in the chest.Gastric acid fluid that enters the lungs causes irritation and swelling in the child’s respiratory tract. This process causes wheezing to occur in children.To avoid this, let the baby sit for approximately 30 minutes after eating or breastfeeding.

Thus the article about “child wheezing when to call doctor” may help and don’t forget to remain vigilant and always control your child’s changes. Thank you.

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