Chicken pox vaccine age, When should it be given?

chicken pox vaccine age
chicken pox vaccine age

Centrjava.comChicken pox vaccine age – You need to know the right age for the chicken pox vaccine. At what age do you also need to know? Because Chicken pox mostly attacks children whose immunity is not perfect. So it is very important to provide a Chicken pox vaccine in children according to the schedule and dosage.

Chicken pox vaccine age

As we have seen, Chicken pox is one of the most common diseases. Every year there are 80-90 million cases of chickenpox. Besides the government has also tried to provide guidance on the importance of giving the chicken pox vaccine, we ourselves must also be aware of the importance of the Chicken pox vaccine so we try to provide timely so that we can give the right age for the chicken pox vaccine, so that it is not too late.

Most people believe, everyone will experience Chicken pox once in their lifetime. But the fact is that other people can have Chicken pox more than once. For this reason, the provision of a Chicken pox vaccine at a certain age is highly recommended.

Chicken pox vaccines can also prevent complications of other diseases, such as lung infections, wheezing, secondary skin infections, blood infections (sepsis), to inflammation of the brain (encephalitis). If Chicken pox occurs in pregnant women, the fetus can experience congenital varicella syndrome. Infants with congenital varicella syndrome will experience various congenital abnormalities or defects such as eye retinal infections (chorioretinitis), congenital cataracts, microcephaly (small head size), and low birth weight.

Chicken pox vaccine age

Each child will get 2 doses of Chicken pox vaccine at the age of:

  • 1st dose: 12-15 months old
  • 2nd dose: 4-6 years old (can be given sooner, at least 3 months after the first dose)

If the child is over the age of 13 years or is an adult, and has never received a Chicken Pox vaccine, it can be given 2 times the Chicken pox vaccine with a 4-8 week giving interval.

Who can’t get a Chicken Pox vaccine?

So For those of you who have not received a Chicken Pox vaccine, and who have never had chickenpox, you should get one or two doses of Chicken pox vaccine. For the Chicken Pox vaccine administration schedule, you can ask the doctor.

Although we are required to get Chicken pox vaccine, but we also have to look at the health conditions of people with who are sick can not get Chicken pox vaccine, if you’re sick we are encouraged to wait until the sick healed. After that, you can get the chickenpox vaccine. Other conditions besides illness can also make a person have to be delayed in administering the Chicken pox vaccine.

Here is a list of people who cannot receive the Chicken pox vaccine:

  • Allergy to gelatin
  • Suffering from HIV / AIDS or diseases that reduce immunity.
  • Take long-term steroid drugs
  • Suffering from cancer, especially when doing chemotherapy.
  • Has a fever and has a history of febrile seizures.
  • Pregnant women
  • Is getting a blood transfusion.
  • People who have immune system disorders

Side effects of chicken pox vaccine

However, medical products always have side effects. so does the Chicken pox vaccine, but usually, the side effects of Chicken pox vaccine is not severe. And what needs to be underlined is the benefits of the Chicken pox vaccine are greater than if it is exposed to chicken pox. These side effects occur more often after administration of the first dose of vYou should give chicken pox vaccine at the right age so that your immune system against chicken pox can work well.

Side effects of chicken pox vaccine

You should give chicken pox vaccine at the right age so that your immune system against chicken pox can work well.You should give chicken pox vaccine at the right age so that your immune system against chickenpox can work well

You should give chicken pox vaccine at the right age so that your immune system against chicken pox can work well. , Proper vaccination can also strengthen the immune system, vaccine at the age of 12-15 months.

The following are the side effects that occur after getting the Chicken pox vaccine, which is divide into mild and moderate side effects.

Mild Side Effects

  • Pain or swelling in the injection site
  • Fever
  • Reddish skin, usually 1 month after getting the chickenpox vaccine

Moderate Side Effects

  • Seizures due to fever after getting the chicken pox vaccine (Rarely Occurs)

But you don’t need to worry, because these effects are harmless and rarely occur. Everything can be handled properly. Do not let the fear of side effects make you not bring your child to give Chicken pox vaccine to prevent more severe chicken pox. Therefore you don’t need to be afraid.

One important thing for parents to remember is that when a child gets a Chicken pox vaccine, a child can indeed be protected from the infection of the Varicella zoster virus which is the cause. However, there is still the possibility of the child getting chicken pox. This does not mean that the vaccinations given failed or were not effective.

By giving chicken pox vaccine, if the child has chicken pox, he will be protected from various complications of severe disease and recovery will be faster. However, the chicken pox virus is important to protect us from severe diseases that attack our immune system.

However, give chickenpox vaccine at the right age. so that chickenpox virus can work perfectly. Thank you for reading this article with the title Chicken Pox Vaccine Age, hopefully, it’s useful. Don’t forget to always consult your doctor for proper treatment.


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