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persistent sore throat no fever

A persistent sore throat no fever

Centerjava.com – persistent sore throat no fever. A Sore throat can make people hard to eat, hard to breathe and even hard to talk or sleep. However, a sore throat doesn’t have to be followed by sneezing, cold, coughing and fevering. Apersistent sore throat no fever might be caused by many things and it doesn’t have to be caused by weather or food. However, in order to get the right and exact medical treatment, it is better for you to know the cause and choose when to see the doctors for curing it.

A Persistent Sore Throat No Fever, the Causes You Need to Know Before Seeing Doctors

A Sore throat can make pain, burning when you want to swallow food, hoarseness and scratchy sensation that will make you hard to even drink water. A persistent sore throat no fever can recur many times and it can be chronic for a long time. This situation can result in varied conditions such as dangerous infection potentially and others. So, it is so important for you to check your condition and see the doctors to remove it as soon as possible so you can do your activities better and eat as you used to.

A Persistent Sore Throat No Fever Causes

The triggers can be so varied. It means, the causes can be different from one person to another though you have a similar condition. Some causes are:


The most common trigger is allergies and people may have different allergies. When your allergy occurs, the immune system will become so hyper-reactive to some substances that are basically harmless. The substances are mentioned and known as allergens. The common allergens experienced by most people are pollen, dust, pet dander, plants, and certain food. You will get this persistent sore throat if you are allergic to something you inhale in such as mold, fragrance, dust, pollen and more.

The symptoms of allergy are different such as watery eyes, itchy eyes, sneezing, coughing and runny nose. A runny nose and also inflamed sinuses can cause postnasal drip and it results of a sore throat.

Postnasal drip

If you have this condition, the mucus will drain from sinuses to the back of the throat especially when you lie down. This condition will lead to the persistent sore and scratchy throat. This condition can be caused by dry air, allergies, deviated septum, spicy food, medicines and weather changes. The symptoms of postnasal drip may include nausea coming from the excess mucus in your tummy, coughing at night, the situation where you want to swallow something to clear the path of your throat, bad breath, and no fever.

Mouth breathing

Sometimes, people don’t realize if they breathe through mouth especially when they sleep. If this happens continually, it will lead to a sore throat. Most people will experience this thing right in the morning after waking up. However, the soreness is gone once you drink water. The symptoms of breathing through the mouth at night are brain fog, dark circles under the eyes, bad breath, irritability and fatigue, hoarseness, dry throat or scratchy and dry mouth.

Mouth breathing occurs because of nasal obstruction and it prevents you to breathe correctly from the nose. It may include many health problems too.


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