Candy that starts with v, This is the list

Candy that start with v
Candy that start with v

Candy that start with v – Hello, see you again, this time I will give you Candy that starts with v. Before we discussed Candy that starts with h, ok guys?!

Candy that start with v


Violet mint

Vanilla candy

Vice Versas

Violet Crumble

Vojo Energy Mints

Candy that start with v depiction


Have you ever eaten one of these Candy Looks like we don’t easily find Valomilk candy in the grocery, but you can ask the shopkeeper if this candy is sold there?

As the name suggests this candy is made from milk, This candy has accompanied us for more than 70 years.

Violet mints

This Candy has mint flavor as the name suggests, mint violet with a distinct violet aroma and taste, as we know, mint can relieve our throats, like Altoids also contains peppermint which can help relieve your throat.

Vanilla Candy

As the name implies starting with the letter v or vanilla, we can already guess that candy is made of vanilla, but that is not the only ingredient in making vanilla candy.

It turns out that the candy ingredient is from milk chocolate, roasted peanuts, and creamy vanilla center.

Vice Versas

This candy made from chocolate milk with a white sugar coating. Have you ever eaten? Surely it feels melted in the mouth, isn’t it?

Violet Crumble

Candy that starts with v this one comes from Australia, violet crumble is a candy made from chocolate, and we can find candy at the nearest grocery from our home.

Energy Mints Vojo

As the name implies, this candy must contain mint flavor. So for those of you who are suffering from cold, you can eat candy to relieve your throat.

Well, from the little explanation above, you can choose Candy that starts with v according to your taste, maybe you like chocolate flavor, or you can choose mint flavor by buying Vojo Energy Mints or violet mints.

Thank you for reading this article, maybe you can add another Candy that starts with v in the comments column below

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