Can you eat eggs when you have diarrhea?

can you eat eggs when you have diarrhea
can you eat eggs when you have diarrhea

Can you eat eggs when you have diarrhea Can you eat eggs when you have diarrhea. Diarrhea can affect anyone and can last for several days, thus disrupting daily activities. When diarrhea you cannot arbitrarily choose the food menu, you should be right in choosing a food menu, because eating with the wrong menu can worsen diarrhea you are experiencing. Then what about eggs? Can you eat eggs when you have diarrhea?

Can you eat eggs when you have diarrhea

Well, at this time we will discuss Can you eat eggs when you have diarrhea? Remembering eggs is a nutrient-rich food and quickly makes us full because our stomach is empty. We definitely go to the toilet more than 4 times a day to defecate due to diarrhea.

Can you eat eggs when you have diarrhea? Before answering that question, we should first know the content of eggs. Eggs contain many nutrients that the body needs, such as protein, fat, riboflavin, choline, lutein, zeaxanthin, and selenium. Being eggs is healthy food and without side effects, if you are suffering from diarrhea.

Therefore we may eat eggs when diarrhea especially salted eggs, salted eggs are highly recommended for those of you who are suffering from diarrhea. Eating salted eggs besides being able to meet the body’s calorie needs, can also help cure diarrhea, we will discuss later guys…

But it should be underlined that: Diarrhea will get worse if you eat eggs by improper cooking methods. How come? Sometimes to maintain the quality and nutrients contained in eggs, many people believe by eating eggs half-cooked.

But unfortunately, salmonella bacteria are very easy to enter into the egg if the eggshell is not in good condition.. Salmonella bacteria also play a role in making diarrhea. You must know whether the eggshell before cooking is still in good condition, if you really eat half-cooked eggs

So it’s best if you have diarrhea, and you want to eat eggs. You should eat eggs by boiling them thoroughly. Eat cooked boiled eggs, besides being able to avoid the bacteria that causes diarrhea, it can also minimize oil that can make diarrhea worse.

So, Can you eat eggs when you have diarrhea ( Salted eggs )

Salted eggs are very suitable for consumption when you are diarrhea. By looking at the method of making the above, salted eggs have a high salt content which has a function like ORS.

As we know that when you have diarrhea you lose a lot of your nutritional needs and body fluids. Salted eggs in addition to functioning as ORS, also contain high protein. And if combined with other healthy foods, besides delicious can also help meet the nutritional needs of the body.

But keep in mind, though salted egg very useful as a food menu while diarrhea, the eggs cannot be used as a way to cure diarrhea. This salted egg must be mixed with other healthy foods to help prevent diarrhea from getting worse, and in the end, it is expected to heal quickly.

In addition to food, you must also see the development of diarrhea that you are experiencing. If it gets worse, then you should immediately contact a doctor for further treatment.

Outline of can you eat eggs when you have diarrhea

The answer eggs can you eat when you have diarrhea is allowed, as long as the eggs are cooked and boiled until cooked to avoid salmonella bacteria which can also cause diarrhea.

Salted eggs are highly recommended for consumption because they can have the same function as ORS that can meet caloric needs and can reduce the severity of diarrhea.

When diarrhea should avoid spicy foods, especially on the first and second day. Foods or drinks that contain probiotics can accelerate the healing of diarrhea.

Eat the right foods when diarrhea like boiled potatoes, pretzel bread, skinless roasted chicken and fat, cereals, oatmeal, and wheat. And avoid oily foods, dairy products such as ice cream, chocolate, gassy vegetables, and spicy foods.

That’s the article about Can you eat eggs when you have diarrhea. Don’t forget to always keep clean, especially washing your hands when you eat without a tablespoon. Thanks.


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