Can I go to work with pink eye? Here the solution..!

can i go to work with pink eye
can i go to work with pink eye

Centerjava.comCan I go to work with pink eye? Suffering from pink eye does make our eyes uncomfortable, pink eyes, and feels sandy when I wake up. And worse pink eye can be contagious, then how about if we work or school? Can I go to work with pink eye?

Can I go to work with pink eye?

Actually, the question goes back to you, because the pink eye not only harms you but also will harm your friends in work or school. But take it easy, we will have a solution so that you who suffer from the pink eye can still work and go to school. Keep referring to this article guys …

Well, before answering the question can I go to work with pink eye? We will discuss the causes of the pink eye. What causes pink eye? Is pink eye dangerous? About the pink eye, we will discuss a little in this article. So that you can answer the question yourself can I go to work with pink eye?

When we wake up, and our eyes feel sandy and uncomfortable. The color of our eyes is pink, maybe you have a pink eye. Pink eye is an eye disease caused by a virus or bacteria. But usually, the most common cause of the pink eye is a virus.

When we get pink eye due to a virus, the virus will make the eye membranes or conjunctivitis inflamed. The pink eye virus originates from various viruses, such as flu viruses, viruses that cause breathing problems, Asthma and viruses that cause sore throats.

The severity of the virus that causes pink eye is very infectious, so what about us working or schooling? Well, this pink eye does interfere with our activities, besides making our eyes feel uncomfortable, the pink eye can spread quickly so that it will also disturb your friends in work or at school.

So, Can I go to work with pink eye?

Basically, you can’t work or go to school, because this pink eye virus will easily spread and make your friends feel the pink eye. Moreover, you are exposed to a new pink eye 1-3 days. The pink eye that is only 1-3 days old is very contagious and easily spreads. So you should leave or leave work for 2-3 days.

The Pinkeye virus that has lasted 4 – 7 is rather weak and not contagious which means you can go back to work. Actually, we benefit if the cause of the pink eye is a virus because the virus will heal by itself within 7 days.

Different pink eye caused by bacteria. The pink eye caused by bacteria is more disturbing than the pink eye which is caused by a virus. The pink eye caused by bacteria is usually accompanied by discharge like pus in the infected area. This liquid will come out at least 3 days. Pink eye caused by bacteria can be treated with the help of a medication from a doctor to get well soon.

Can you go to work with pink eye? Here the tips

Well, to answer the question can I go to work with pink eye? For pink eye sufferers, they feel uncomfortable and fear that the disease will spread to other people. We will provide simple tips that you can do so that you can still work or go to school without making your friends worry about getting infected. Below are things you can do when experiencing a pink eye and still want to work or go to school:

  • Try wearing glasses.
  • Don’t share contact lenses or glasses with other people.
  • Always wash your hands
  • Try to get a little away from your friends, give them understanding because you suffer from a pink eye.
  • Avoid rubbing or touching the eyes
  • Always cover your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing
  • Do not use personal items together. like a washcloth or tissue.
  • Wash hands using soap and running water before and after touching the eye area.
  • Frequently clean the surface of equipment that is often used together such as remote, telephone, door handles, water taps, etc. by using the right antiseptic cleanser.
  • Use a clean handkerchief or tissue to clean eye dirt

Here Tips to relieve pink eyes while working

Sometimes we have to keep working even though we are sick. Many things will make us have to work when we are sick with pink eye, maybe because we have to finish work quickly, not get permission because our leave allotments are finished or so on.

Here are tips that you can do when working to relieve discomfort when suffering from a pink eye:

1. Eye drops

When you are sick with pink eye, and there is no time to go to the doctor, you can buy eye drops for sale at pharmacies. Choose eye drops that contain decongestants and antihistamines to reduce inflammation.

Use eye drops as recommended. Keep in mind that the use of excessive eye drops can cause addiction. So do not be too frequent use of eye drops, wear fairly simply to reduce inflammation, use of eye drops too often can cause pink eye getting worse.

2. Compress with warm water

In addition to using eye drops to reduce inflammation while being sick with pink eye, we can also use warm water to compress the pink eye. The trick is to use a small towel dipped in warm water, then compress it to the eyes that are affected by the pink eye.

Maybe both of these methods are easy for you to do to relieve pink eye pain while working. But if you can permit not work, you should stay at home for at least 2-3 days.

So can the article about Can I go to work with pink eye? Hopefully, it can be useful. Thanks.


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