Can canker sores be caused by stress?

can canker sores be caused by stress
can canker sores be caused by stress

Can canker sores be caused by stress – Can canker sores be caused by stress? Everyone has experienced canker sores, canker sores sometimes very disturbing, especially when we feel pain when eating or talking. The cause of canker sores is not known certainty, but most people assume that canker sores are caused by lack of vitamin C. But why do people who have met the needs of vitamin C and have maintained oral hygiene correctly, they are also exposed to canker sores. For that, we also have to pay attention to our emotional condition. Is there a connection between stress and canker sores? So, can the sores be caused by stress?

Can canker sores be caused by stress?

Apart from vitamin C deficiency, many people also think that Canker sores be caused by stress. So is the statement a truth or a myth? Given that when we are stressed we often experience canker sores. And canker sores don’t heal when we are stressed.

It turns out that the opinion that canker sores can be caused by stress is true. Indeed there is a close relationship between stress and canker sores. Many people often get canker sores while experiencing stress. So stress statements can cause canker sores as well as true and can be explained scientifically too.

So, Can canker sores be caused by stress? Here the explanation.

A dentist from Indonesia named Drg Rahmi Amtha,explained that one of the 15 causes of canker sores is stress. He said that stress is the most common cause of canker sores.

The following is a scientific explanation of why a sores canker is caused by stress, which is when we are stressed, the body will produce more hormone cortisol.

The hormone cortisol will be released into the blood and flowed throughout the body. Now the cortisol hormone has an effect that can damage all the tissues it passes, including the oral cavity.

When in the oral cavity the cortisol hormone will hit the mucosa which is the soft tissue in the oral cavity. with damaged soft tissue in the oral cavity, it will cause canker sores. Sprue does not only occur on the lips, but can occur in the throat tract of the tonsillar glands, and the tongue.

Actually, canker sores that occur due to damage to the oral cavity caused by the cortisol hormone can heal by itself, but to speed up the recovery process of thrush you should use natural treatment before using drugs that contain chemicals.

There are so many natural treatments that can help you to treat your canker sores. The consideration in choosing a natural thrush drug is no side effects that you don’t want.

Can canker sores be caused by stress, how to treat it?

But wait, we suffer from canker sores not because of vitamin C deficiency or caused by viruses and bacteria. This time canker sores caused by stress. However, you must cure your stress first so that canker sores can heal quickly.

Usually, canker sores caused by stress will be difficult to cure with medical treatment. Maybe you can use medical treatment for your canker sores, and it turns out after recovery, and it doesn’t take long for you to get sores again. For that canker sores treatment caused by stress is controlling stress itself.

Tips to cope with canker sores be caused by stress

If the thrush pain does not heal, or you suffer from canker sores or mouth ulcers too often, even though you have maintained oral hygiene, and nutrition is enough, maybe it’s time to pay attention to the condition of your mind. stress may be what causes you to experience canker sores.

For this, below are some ways to deal with being caused by stress sores, namely:can the sores can be caused by stress? if you often experience canker sores that don’t heal, you should find out the real cause. Are you often stressed?

1. Relaxation

Try to make your life more relaxed. Maybe we are easy to rest our bodies but other when we rest our minds. Sometimes we have thoughts that really can’t make us think calmly, which makes you stressful. Stress for you will affect your health condition including causing canker sores.

Try to take yoga practice, do fun activities, or at least take 15 minutes for breathing exercises. Inhale deeply and exhale slowly. Dispose of your hard mind. The important thing is don’t forget to be happy guys.

2. Time management

The second way to deal with canker sores caused by stress is time management. Try to rearrange your time, dispose of non-essential things that take up your time, so that the important things will be resolved perfectly with more time. Because if you are a little time you will always panic because it will run out of time and cause stress so it will trigger canker sores in your mouth.

3. Watch funny movies

Watching funny movies can also be an alternative to overcome your stress. Watch movies that can make you smile and can forget heavy thoughts. If you can laugh a lot it will make you more relieved and can make you happier.

4. Emotions Control

The last second so that you avoid canker sores that are caused by stress, which is controlling emotions. Try to be forgiving. Either forgives yourself or others even if you do it in your own heart. That way you will not be easily angry and finally, you can control your emotions well.

If you can do all four tips, you can be sure that besides you avoid canker sores caused by stress, it will also make your life happy.

Actually, there is nothing you need to disappoint, Live calmly with the current feeling. Forget about the past because the past will only make you sick, and don’t think too much about the future with pessimism because it will only make you feel anxious.

Thank you for reading our article, entitled Can Scratch Sores to be caused by stress, hopefully, it can help to add to your insight. Always keep your mouth clean and don’t forget to keep your stress so you don’t always get canker sores. Thank you.


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