Can a male human get a female dog pregnant?

Can a male human get a female dog pregnant?
Can a male human get a female dog pregnant?

Can a male human get a female dog pregnant? – Maybe the age is getting older, so many people who act unexpectedly we dive, especially with deviant actions, one of which is Zoophile, As humans have Sexual intercourse with animals, such as dogs and others, but the question is can a male human get a female dog pregnant.

Can a male human get a female dog pregnant?

Cases of sexual deviation between humans and animals or called Zoophile continued to appear, even now there is much news that is not yet known that there are pigs or dogs that give birth to children like humans.

From the news, many people ask whether it is true that pregnancy can happen, can a male human get a female dog pregnant?

Terms of pregnancy

Before we discuss about can a male human get a female dog pregnant? Let’s discuss a little about the terms of pregnancy. As we know that fertilization occurs because of the following things:

1. Sperm

The process of the occurrence of pregnancy begins with spraying mature and quality sperm cells (spermatozoa) in female intercourse, as well as other animals such as dogs.

2. Ovum

Ovum is produced by the ovary. The size of the ovary more or less has a length of about 4 cm, wide and about 0.5 cm thick, a woman cannot produce again if the ovary does not produce ovum

3. Fertilization occurs.

Previously, the sperm cells that entered the copulation hole had to take a long trip. Through the cervix, it continues into the uterine cavity, into the cavity of the oviduct, and reaches the end of the wide oviduct to meet the egg cell.

Of the tens of millions of sperm cells, only a few hundred thousand can reach the oviduct, and only one sperm cell can penetrate the Ovum

4. Liquidation & Placenta.

After fertilization, the ovum will go through a process of liquidation. Usually, oxidation occurs in the front wall or back of the uterus. The time between fertilization and liquidation is around 6-7 days, nidasi (implantation), which is the nesting of fertilized cells in the womb.

Of course, after nesting in the womb, a blood supply, and food substances from the placenta or umbilical cord are needed. From this supply, the embryo will grow and develop into a fetus.

5. Normal anatomy and hormonal.

In addition to the above conditions, it turns out there is still one more condition, namely husband and wife must have a normal anatomical structure and a hormonal system that can work or function properly.

Well, if the husband and wife’s anatomy and hormonal system have no problems, then pregnancy can occur.

From the explanation above, it turns out that getting a pregnancy requires several conditions that must be fulfilled; now from here, we can imagine whether pregnancy can occur if humans fertilize the Ovum in an animal.

Can a male human get a female dog pregnant? here the answer…

According to Thebrightesthub, that the surface of the sperm has a receptor, so does the egg cell also have receptors, and when sperm receptors with egg cell receptors have similarities, then the next process will occur in pregnancy

And it turns out that human and dog receptors are clearly different, so the process of conception is interrupted in this process because human receptors cannot supplement receptors on eggs in dogs.

The difference in receptors between humans and dogs makes human sperm only recognize eggs from humans, and vice versa, sperm dogs cannot impregnate humans.

So it’s clear that between humans and dogs can’t get pregnant.

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