Black tattoo healing and turning grey? Here’s how to fix it

Black tattoo healing and turning grey
Black tattoo healing and turning grey Black tattoo healing and turning grey. Having a good tattoo is a pride, decorating the body with tattoos has become a trend among the people, especially for young people. But sometimes you have to choose a professional tattoo artist who will paint your tattoo on the right person because to avoid the results that are not as you want. Like a tattoo that has poor quality or like this discussion, namely black tattoo healing and turning grey. Let’s look at the following article.

Black tattoo healing and turning grey

Sometimes you are not satisfied after making tattoos are not as expected, such as black tattoo healing and turning grey and the tattoo is not what it should be. Actually, there are many reasons why your tattoo fades so fast. Like the selection of the wrong tattoo ink, and a tattoo made on the wrong part of the body.

So if you don’t want to be disappointed in the existing tattoos on your bodies such as black tattoo healing and turning grey, there are a number of things you need to avoid so that your tattoos remain as good as you want, namely:

1. Selection of a good tattoo ink

Nowadays, many tattoo inks are sold freely on the market. In fact, many fake tattoo inks are now being sold, so you must be smart in choosing the best ink you will use. Make sure the authenticity of the tattoo ink, you can also ask your store of trust to choose the original and good ink. It’s a shame if the tattoo attached to your body fades quickly because fake ink has poor quality, and also results in Black tattoo healing and turning gray.

2. A less professional tattoo artist

Choosing the right tattoo artist can also affect the quality of your tattoo, so if your black tattoo does not want to turn grey quickly, choose a professional tattoo artist and have a license.

3. The selection of the wrong location of the tattoo on the body

Now the third point so as not to cause Black tattoo healing and turning grey quickly, or your black tattoo does not fade quickly is to avoid the selection of tattoos on parts of the body that is not correct.

Tattoo ink will quickly fade on the skin that is hard to stick with ink. Tattoos in the area will look like grey because the ink is not getting in perfectly.

Fredrik Glimskär, founder and CEO of the online tattoo market Inkbay explained that “the area where the skin is prone to dehydration or where the skin may be exposed (especially the sun)” is the main cause of slowly fading tattoos. So to avoid the results of a less good tattoo, you should not make tattoos on the body parts below:

Tattoo Inside the fist

In the fist the color of the tattoo will fade quickly, the tattoo in black will quickly fade to grey on this part of the body because the ink is hard to stick and the ink is less than perfect.

Tattoo In hand

As mentioned above, the skin on the hand makes the ink very difficult to stick properly. The color of the ink will not be real and firm. Hands are the most active parts of the body, so the thick skin texture and fat or muscle below it can make it fade faster.

Tattoo on foot

The reason tattoos on your feet are more prone to fading is because we always have socks and shoes that cause frequent friction. If you often wear sandals, tattoos on your feet may quickly become grey if your tattoo color is black.

Tattoo on the elbow

Tatoo on the outside of your elbow will fade faster than others, because you constantly bend your arms. We often put on the elbows on the table or often support your head when sitting with both elbows on the table or other places.

Tattoo on Armpit / inner arm

You move your arms continuously, and friction on the inside of the upper arm/armpit area can cause the ink to fade slightly.

Black tattoo healing and turning grey? So, how to treat a new tattoo to avoid it

When you first make a tattoo it will feel a little uncomfortable within a few hours, even a few days. Sometimes the recovery time after the tattoo is made different, there is a quick recovery, and sometimes longer. The following are tips that you can do after making a tattoo or healing process

Keep the tattoo sterile

Once done, usually, the tattoo artist will polish your tattoo with an anti-bacterial ointment. Then he will wrap your new tattoo with a thin bandage or plastic. The things you can do after that are:

  1. Do not remove the bandage or plastic for at least 2 hours
  2. after 2 hours Clean the tattoo with warm water
  3. clean the remaining ink and blood with antibacterial soap
  4. Wear a soft, clean towel
  5. Don’t forget to always wash your hands before touching the tattoo during the healing
  6. Make sure the tattoo is sterile

Note: Avoid drinking alcohol before making a tattoo so that blood does not come out much

Don’t scratch it

After a while making the tattoo feel uncomfortable, it feels like when we are injured. itching when healing. Because of this, many people accidentally scratched it, this will actually make the tattoo damaged, and the color will fade like a black tattoo to grey, or can the skin on your tattoo become an infection.

If the tattoo starts to itch, here are the steps you can take:

  • Avoid scratching it.
  • Wipe the tattoo slowly to relieve itching.
  • Use material made of iron or other solids that have a cold effect on your skin.

If the epidermis starts to peel off, do not pull it too forcefully. This will make the ink lift and the color of the tattoo looks faded.

Avoid sunlight

On days 3 to 5, the tattoo will begin to peel. At this time, avoid skin exposed to direct sunlight until the tattoo is completely healed if you don’t want Black tattoo healing and turning grey, exposure to sunlight on a new tattoo will make the color fade and not as beautiful as the original.

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