Best sleeping position for breathing problems

best sleeping position for breathing problems

Centerjava – We must deal wisely if we have asthma problems or other diseases that relate to respiratory problems so that they don’t get worse. Asthma can also make asthmatic cough and respiratory problems. The best sleeping position for breathing problems is very important for you, because it will help you be more relieved in breathing when you have breathing problems.

The best sleeping position for breathing problems in addition to making it more comfortable, will also affect the health of the body. Not only for respiratory problems, if your body’s sleeping position will also feel tired and will affect your fitness after waking up.

Best sleeping position for breathing problems

The best sleeping position is very helpful when you are experiencing breathing problems. Especially when you are sleeping at night then wake up with a state of shortness of breath.

If you experience respiratory problems as mentioned above, try to get them so that you always stay calm. And do it like this:

  • Change the sleeping position by lying down or tilting to the right
  • Take a pillow and between your knees
  • Add a pillow to the head so that the head position is higher
  • Keep your back in a straight position
  • Stay calm and manage breathing

The benefits of sleeping tilted to the right

Sleeping position on the right side is better than the left side for those of you who have breathing problems. The right sloping position is the best sleeping position for breathing problems; right side sleeping position will also have good effects on other health. Among others are:

Maintain lung health

The heart will be depressed by the right lung if we sleep on its left side. Because the left lung is smaller, if it is stressed by the heart it creates an uncomfortable feeling.

For that you should sleep on your side with the right position so that lung health is maintained and can cause breathing problems, because this sleeping position is the best position.

Resting the left brain

Your left brain will be more relaxes if your sleeping position is tilted to the right. After waking up your left brain will be more refreshed because you have better rested with that position.

Reducing the burden of the heart organ

The The heart will be more free without pressure if the sleeping position is tilted to the right. On the contrary the body will suppress our heart if we sleep on its side to the left.

How to deal with respiratory problems

If you have set the best sleeping position for your breathing problem, but your breathing is still problem, but respiratory problems is still in the normal category without wheezing. You can do the steps below without the help of inhalers or other medicines:

Pursed-lip Breathing

This method is very simple, even when we are small we have been taught by a sports teacher to do this breathing technique. This method can slow down the rate of breathing which makes every breath feel deep and effective. When you wake up and suddenly experience breathing problems, you should do this.

After your breath is more comfortable, you can continue your sleep with the best sleeping position as above so that you are no longer bothered with breathing problems.

How to do this breathing technique is:

  • Relaxes your shoulder and neck muscles
  • Shut your mouth and breathe slowly through the nose in 2 counts
  • Exhale through the mouth in 4 counts

This method is effective for dealing with respiratory problems. You can train every day so you can relax and can be easier to overcome your breathing problems.

Sit with the position forward and slightly bent

The second way to normalize your breathing problem is to sit in a forward position and slightly bend. When you wake up and shortness of breath strikes suddenly, you should sit in a chair and do the sitting motion.

Look for a chair that is not too high, so that your feet can support your body well when you bend. 

Focus your eyes on the floor and place your elbows on your knees or hold your chin with your hands, then adjust your breath.

With this position, you will feel comfortable and breath will slowly return to normal. In that sitting position you can also do Pursed-lip breathing

Stand against the wall

When you are short of breath or have respiratory problems, try to stand by leaning against the wall. Stick your hips to the wall and try to make your legs not too wide. Try to relax then lean forward slightly.

This method also effectively eliminates sudden breathing problems. Once your breathing regular conditions make a herbal tea before going to sleep the night so that you feel comfortable respiratory tract. Don’t forget to choose the best sleeping position for your breathing problem, which is to the right side.

Sleep preparation for people who have respiratory problems

best sleeping position for breathing problems
Nice Bed Room

Preparation before bedtime is very important for those of you who have respiratory problems, even though you now know the best sleeping position for breathing problems, but if your surroundings do not support so you can sleep well, it might be possible during sleep you will wake up due to shortness of breath or problems other breathing.

So that the quality of sleep is good and can minimize the occurrence of respiratory problems, below are tips that you can try:

Clean the bedroom

To create a healthy bedroom is your obligation, In the morning open the windows and doors of the room, so that sunlight can enter to eradicate germs and viruses.

Clean the dust with a vacuum cleaner, especially on the carpet or in the bed. Make a room free of dust, because dust is one of the triggers for breathing problems. If the room is clean then sleep becomes comfortable.

Clean mattresses and pillows

Clean your mattress and pillow regularly, drying the mattress under the sun when it’s hot so the germs and viruses can disappear.

Don’t forget to wash blankets and pillowcases or bed sheets once a week. Try to put bags or other dirty items on the bed, because dust may stick and cause breathing problems if inhaled.


If you use air conditioning it is cold but dry, installing a humidifier is one way to regulate air to maintain moisture. Mushrooms and dust can develop in dry air, with a humidifier preventing the growth of mold and dust.
Don’t sleep with pets

Even though it’s nice to sleep with your favorite animal, but you must also remember your favorite animal fur that falls that can cause your breathing problems. So try to keep your pet away from the bedroom because fur can stick to the bed, pillow or carpet.

Create a comfortable bed

Before going to sleep, turn off the television to make the sound calm, replace the main lamp with a light sleep. Try breathing exercises 15 minutes before going to bed like meditation or yoga. This can be helpful for those of you who have respiratory problems.

Prepare medicine

There are some people who need to take medication regularly for those of you who have respiratory problems. Prepare medicine at a table near your bed. So if a respiratory problem such as asthma attacks suddenly you can quickly treat it

Do the tips above so you can control your breathing problems. Practice your breathing regularly with yoga and Meditation. Choose the best sleeping position for your breathing problems to make it more comfortable and quality for your sleep, thank you