Alcohol first impairs your – Best answer and explanation

Alcohol first impairs your
Alcohol first impairs your

Alcohol first impairs your – In Module 6 Effect of Alcohol and Drugs there is one of the questions, “alcohol first impairs your”, in this article we will discuss the question, and of course with an explanation.

Alcohol first impairs your

A.motor skills
C.color recognition

The best answer for the 3 answer choices above is:

B. judgment


Actually, there are certain phases of alcohol impairment in our body. But the first is impaired judgment and slow to react, after that if the BAC content in your body increases, it will increasingly affect other organs such as a decrease in the motoric system,

In the first 30 seconds, after a person drinks alcohol, it will directly enter the brain, this alcohol slows down the chemicals and pathways that brain cells use to send messages. So, this is what changes mood, slows down reflexes, and removes balance.

In addition, because it directly leads to the brain, alcohol makes a person unable to think clearly or cannot remember something.

Imagine if you are driving, the human brain must be able to quickly judge and react to various things, such as changes in traffic lights, horn sound, uneven roads, or pedestrians and other vehicles that pass suddenly.

Alcohol can reduce the function of the central nervous system, thereby affecting the brain’s ability to focus and make decisions quickly, so if alcohol is impaired judgment and reacts slowly when driving, the chance of an accident will be greater.

So if you want to drive, you should not be affected by alcohol, or your blood alcohol level (BAC) go down or decreased.

Alcohol first impairs your judgment

On the other hand, consuming alcoholic beverages with not excessive levels can reduce the risk of dangerous diseases, such as stroke, diabetes, to heart disease.

Safe dose of alcohol consumption

The following is the dose of alcohol consumption which is still fairly safe for health, according to the percentage of its contents:

Dose alcohol Max content per day
5 % 350 Mm
7 % 250 Mm
12 % 150 Mm
40 % 50 Mm

Danger of alcohol for health

Consuming alcohol can impair your body’s organs, especially for those of you who are addicted to alcohol; the chances of getting a health problem will be greater.

Below is the danger of alcohol if consumed in excess:

  • Impair your heart
  • Susceptible to pancreatitis
  • Having digestive system problems
  • Reducing brain function
  • Risk of heart disease
  • Increases the risk of cancer

Although alcohol is believed to have a positive impact on the body, this positive impact is not proportional to the dangers of alcohol that can be caused. Therefore, start to reduce alcohol consumption to prevent various health problems. If you still want to consume alcohol to get the benefits, you should consult your doctor first.

Thus the article titled Alcohol first impairs judgment, hopefully useful. Thank you

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